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Check out my blowout: day 12: offensive "A"s

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Pressing on with the large pile of football pickups I have to scan and post, today we'll be looking at six offensive players whose names begin with "A".

Adrian Arrington 2008 Bowman Sterling Gold auto RC (#0846/1050):
Arrington cards from this set are getting pretty common around these parts:  I also have base, Gold Refractor and Refractor versions.  Besides the fact that I'm casually shooting for the rainbow, it happens to be a design I like quite a bit.

Adrian Arrington 2008 SAGE HIT auto:
Yeah, you all know I love this set a ton, including my Gold Hennebase and Silver Jake Longs, and Gold Hart.  Despite the fact that the Silver and Gold (numbered) cards are rarer, I much prefer the base versions, with their striking blue (even if it isn't Michigan blue) swath of color.  I also like the fact that this photo obviously comes from the 2008 Capital One Bowl.  In that memorable game, Lloyd Carr's final as the head coach, Michigan held on for an amazing victory over heavily-favored Floria, led at the time by overrated football Jesus Tim Tebow and pathological liar and piece of shit Urban Meyer.  Adrian exploded for nine catches/153 yards and two TDs, including the game-winner late in the fourth.  He was so amazing that game and made so many insane plays that I have to embed this team highlight video to include them all:

Adrian Arrington 2008 SP Rookie Edition '94 auto:
The final Arrington of the day is this cool '94 SP-esque auto from 2008 SP Rookie Edition.  I very much enjoyed that set and have a nice number of autographs from it now, including Arrington's '95 version (still one of the funniest card photos I've ever seen).  The trio brings me up to 27 AAs, all autographed.

B.J. Askew 2009 Topps Magic auto:
Despite some real nice stuff that I scanned up today, this is easily my favorite.  I absolutely LOVE the 2009 Topps Magic Michigan autos.  The design is simply amazing and I'm a sucker for any card of a player in a Michigan uniform.  I also love that it's a guy--Askew--who definitely didn't get many cards produced during his career.  Right now the only other one I have is this Breaston, but I'll be after the others before long.  I now have four cards of Askew and they're all autographs.

Derrick Alexander 2002 Pacific Heads Update jersey (#205/225):
Alexander is a WR whose career didn't coincide with the hit parade that the hobby has become today, so I don't have much of him, but this "patch" (I'm calling it a jersey--if that's a patch then my name's Sy Berger) is my third of the guy, and that's not bad.  I now have him represented as a Wolverine, Chief and Viking, which is a nice little trifecta.

Jason Avant 2006 Bowman Sterling jersey RC:
It used to be that I'd pick up Avants by the truckful, but today I only nabbed one.  It's a pretty nice jersey RC, though, and is my 24th of the stalwart possession receiver.  Sterling can be a nice looking set when it wants to be one, and that's a pretty football-shaped swatch of green Eagles jersey.  I just feel sorry for the poor Topps employee that probably got fired for not using up all the crappy white swatches first.

For those interested, today's football PC count hit 477 and the overall four-sport PC made it up to 617.  More to come soon!

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