Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016 COMC purchases: rookie blue is coming for you!

As I sit writing this post, fewer than 16 days stand between Michigan fans and the season-opening kickoff against Hawaii.  Let's celebrate with some rookie cards of my favorite college's former stars!
A few notes for those of you who are sticking around past the scans (thanks for reading!):
  • Only four Michigan uniform cards (Breaston, one of Terrell's, Thomas, and Watson), but sometimes them's the breaks
  • 15 of these 27 are numbered, and with most of them hailing from between 2000 and 2007, that makes a lot of sense
  • No new players today, but there are very, very few for whom I don't have anything yet
  • Players completed today:  Cato June (4/4) and Taylor Lewan (21/21)
  • Of the rest, Henne is the next closest to completion--I'm missing just one of his 22 first-years; Manningham is second as I'm short just two
  • Speaking of Henne, that's the 179th card I've added to his PC so far
  • I now have 970 different cards in this collection, good for about 71% of the cards produced as of this writing
And finally, a point that's so obvious it doesn't need a bullet,

Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 COMC purchases: Hunwick and another hockey Mike

It's time to show off more COMC pickups.  Why am I posting hockey cards today, in the middle of August?  Because I have just two so it'll be quick and easy to scan and post them.
Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Retro
It's been a little bit but I now have my 22nd of Hunwick's 71-card run thanks to this Retro parallel from 2012-13 OPC.  Here's his base rookie for comparison:
The Retro version is naturally plainer, but while that makes it a bit more boring I do like being able to see his pads in the shot, whereas the base version covers up a ton of the photo in a way that immediately brings Idiocracy to mind:
Anyway, as always it's fun to see Hunwick in his full getup, which is completely Michigan-centric except for his jersey.

Hopefully I can start making faster progress on his PC, but for now his prices just don't make enough sense to me.
Mike Van Ryn 2006-07 Be A Player Signatures auto
Today's other card introduces yet another Michigan Hockey Mike to my collection!  After adding Mike Brown recently I noticed that I somehow hadn't tracked down a hit of defenseman Mike Van Ryn, a two-year Wolverine who won a title with the '97-'98 squad and returned for one more year.  Having been drafted by New Jersey at #26 overall in 1998, he then headed to the Devils' system before winning an arbitration ruling that made him a free agent, allowing him to sign with St. Louis.  He ended up playing three seasons with the Blues, four more with Florida, and his final campaign in Toronto.  Apparently he's now the head coach for Doug's Kitchener Rangers, which is very cool.

Considering how well it represents underappreciated guys who would otherwise likely be hitless, I'm not remotely surprised that Be a Player is the product that came through with this very nice Van Ryn signature.  In fact, more than 30 of my Michigan Hockey hits hail from that fantastic product.  Speaking of that collection, Van Ryn is the 45th member, not to mention the sixth Mike!

That's it for hockey this time, and I don't anticipate posting any more cards from that sport for a bit unless I get another trade package from Doug, so stay tuned for a bit of baseball and plenty of football.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

2016 eBay purchase: a heady LaMarre (again)

Well I guess I should post at least once in a while to keep up appearances.  I've been enjoying some nice warm Michigan summer weather and also took a quick trip out to L.A. over the weekend to visit friends, so my lack of posting isn't 100% laziness at least.

Let's take a gander at my final purchase from July, which was another eBay one-off pickup:
Ryan LaMarre 2016 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini Framed Printing Plates Cyan (1/1)
Well hey, it's former Reds prospect-turned Red Sox-turned minor leaguer Ryan LaMarre!  The former second round pick collected just two hits in a 21 game cup of coffee with Cincy last season, then failed to record anything besides a walk and a run in five games with Boston this year before being sent down.  That's why I'm a bit surprised Topps included him in this year's flagship product, and even more amazed that he made the cut for A&G, and as a short print no less (don't get me started on that crap...).

I'll be chasing that seven-card rainbow (ugh, five minis) as I can, but for now I'm apparently starting with one of his plates!  A couple of the colors went up for sale last month after the initial busting frenzy and I was lucky enough to grab this Cyan version for $15 on the nose.  While this makes me a broken record, I'm not a fan at all of products like A&G but very much like Topps' framed cards, be they Silks, relics/autos, or plates like this one.

This is actually my second LaMarre 1/1, and you may recall seeing the other one back in May.  It's my 11th hit of the former Wolverine, and 58th overall 1/1 card from all collections.

Now if I could just find reasonable prices for his other A&G stuff....

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2016 trade package #12: Dollar Store Hockey Mikes Galore (and more!)

If you're over here tonight chances are you already saw half of my haul from the latest package I received from Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store over on TMV.  Thanks for heading over to see the Wolverine half!

While the other half was all hockey--all Red Wings in fact--all four major sports are represented here, some more than others.  Nice variety is a hallmark of Doug's packages, though, so I wasn't surprised by that, just happy as usual with some great new additions:
Representing baseball is this Hal Morris that's entirely new to my collection.  That's not too much of a surprise--while I don't dislike '91 Fleer like many others seem to, I simply don't own any complete sets from that year, and it's the kind of card I'm more likely to receive in a trade instead of buying online.  Hence, this worked out perfectly for me.  That's #106 of the guy whose team had won it all the previous year.
Basketball kicks off with a very nice Prestige card of former star Trey Burke, heads back to a pair of sweet Donruss issues of Jamal Crawford and Juwan Howard, then finishes with a trio of C-Webbs.  I really like the look of the Donruss cards thanks to their full-bleed photos, retro-ish elements, and logo stamps.  Then again, I tend to prefer Panini's recent stuff to Topps' these days.
Birthday boy Tom Brady (happy 39, Twelve!) headlines a football trio that includes former #1 Braylon Edwards and a 2008 Score RC of blog favorite Chad Henne.  Hey, Tom's only six years older than I am, that gives me time to win four Super Bowls of my own to tie him!
Hockey continued to be very well represented in this side of the package, naturally, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Hockey Mike #1 today is Cammalleri, who'll hopefully get back over the 30-goal mark with the Devils this coming season.  Talented C Andrew Cogliano ended his eight-year streak of double-digit goals this year but maybe the new season will bring more success for the Anaheim Duck.  Jack MF Johnson is looking sharp on a nice horizontal card that I didn't have room to scan in that orientation.  Hockey Mike #2 is Knuble, who enjoyed a nice long career and one Cup victory with Detroit.  And Patch brings us back to active players as he jumps his place in line (my fault, see next scan).
I'm not sure how that sticker of Hockey Mike #3, Komisarek, slipped behind the first of three Pacioretty cards, but once I noticed I was too lazy to re-scan.  Oh well!  Trouba is another talented current player looking sharp in his Jets uni.  And we close things out with another blog favorite, Marty Turco, both in Gold Medallion and sticker form.

And now the hockey hits, supplied generously as usual by Doug:
Mike Brown 2014-15 Upper Deck MVP Pro Sign auto
This recent MVP auto of Brown--Hockey Mike #4 today--is my second of the oft-traveled penalty machine.  In this case he doesn't appear with his whimsical mustache, so it's good I have one where he does.  He closed out last year with Montreal, his sixth team, and I'm curious to see what 2016-17 will bring for him.
Carl Hagelin 2013-14 Crown Royale Coat of Arms Materials jersey
And the Bork is back  Here's Hagelin on a Crown Royale relic that honors Pacific designs of yore.  As you might expect I was thrilled to see him win the Cup with the Pens last season after coming over from Anaheim.  He put up some nice numbers in the second half of the regular season, then 16 points (six goals) in the playoffs for the champs.  That makes this a nice time to add my seventh hit of the one of the former crowd favorites at Yost.

Thanks for all the fun new stuff, Doug, and I look forward to sending you an envelope that's already bursting at the seams whenever your mail service gets back to normal!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 eBay purchase: Hall of Flawless Fame

As I said on TMV this evening, I'm a bit late getting back to the party in terms of Hall of Fame weekend (not to mention posting here at all) but at least managed to land a couple eBay pickups--both of which are Michigan PC guys--that were perfect for showing off this week.  You already saw one of those, a nice Charlie Gehringer cut auto, and now, as promised, I'm here to show off the other fun acquisition.

I already mentioned this player is a guy a number of you collect and that I just as easily could have posted his card on TMV because of his popularity.  Like Gehringer this player is a middle-infielder who left Michigan and went on to a HOF career.  He also played 19 MLB seasons, all for one team, and won an MVP award like the Mechanical Man.  Oh yeah, and each managed to win a World Series ring during their respective careers.

Know who it is yet?  I'm sure most of you do:
Barry Larkin 2016 Panini Flawless Transitions Signatures Emerald auto (#4/5)
So, uh, that's a pretty nice low-numbered autograph of Barry Larkin, huh?  If you hadn't noticed, he's prominent pictured as a Wolverine on half of this card, hence his appearance on this here blog tonight.

This super-thick, super-premium Panini Flawless card highlights Barry's career both with the Wolverines and with Team USA back in 1984.  As this article notes, Larkin was on the '84 USA team that went on tour and then participated in the Seoul Olympics as a demonstration sport, cruising to the gold medal game before losing to Japan.

I love that Panini has continued to take advantage of alternative uniforms to overcome the lack of the MLB license, especially since that's resulted in a nice number of college cards.

The fact I won this one at all was amazing enough to me, but so was the fact that I paid just a bit more than $36 shipped for this Emerald version numbered to just five copies!  I was prepared to pay even more considering that amount was around or even under what the more common versions (#d /15) were going for; Barry doesn't have a ton of Michigan cards out there, especially not autographed versions, so I'll happily pay a bit of a premium when I see them.  As it is, this is now my third maize & blue auto of his (1 and 2), fourth signature overall, and 19th hit.

For less than the cost of two craptacular blasters I now own what may be my top overall Larkin card!  Hopefully eBay continues to treat me well this year with cards like this one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2016 trade package #11: GSNHoF helps me tie up my shoes

...with a pair of nice new Shoelaces!  Check 'em out:
Denard Robinson 2013 Panini National Treasures NFL Gear Combos dual jersey (#28/99)
Denard Robinson 2013 Topps Supreme Rookie Relic Die Cuts Purple Patch patch (#24/25)
The COMC champion (though I don't know for sure that's where these came from) was at it again with this outstanding Denard duo of 2013 relics.  First up is the typically classy National Treasures featuring two Jacksonville teal jersey swatches of the home state Jags RB, seen wearing his favorite college number.  Below that in terms of order but not quality is a huge three-color patch (with lots of stitching!) from Topps Supreme.  I flipped through all of the Denards in my football PC and nothing approaches the size and impressiveness of this Jags patch which, appropriately enough, is numbered to a reasonably low 25.

Speaking of that number, this pair allowed me to cross a mini milestone for Shoelace hits as I now stand at 26.  Check out all of those and more in my football collection whenever you'd like.

Tim, thanks a ton for the fantastic fodder of the fast Floridian!  I have a few things set aside for you and hopefully I'll have enough stuff for a worthy trade package soon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

7/2/16 card show report: getting Rich-er by the day

Now that those of you who follow Too Many Verlanders read my show recap over there, it's time to show off the rest of my haul for the few of you that continued over here this evening!  As I said, my haul consisted of ten dime cards, 16 quarters, and four at $2 apiece, with a few of those being trade bait.

Here's the Wolverines from the bunch:
Rich Hill 2016 Topps
The set-filler guy I mentioned, with a table full of dime cards sorted by set, had the Rich Hill base I needed from 2016 Topps Series II, so I happily grabbed that for my first 2016 release of the A's' sort-of ace.  The photo's not the greatest--what do you call something like this, "resting pitch face"?  Anyway, it's my 246th of his 357 issues and 257th overall.
Rounding out the buck I spent with that seller, here's a nine-spot of Wolverines from recent base sets.  I grabbed my first two cards of Wolverine RB transfer Thomas Rawls, a kid who was simply poorly coached by the Hoke regime, headed to Central Michigan, and did well enough to join the Seahawks as an UDFA.  He had a pretty nice 2015 campaign before suffering a season-ending ankle injury, and with Marshawn Lynch gone in Seattle he could have a chance to put up some nice numbers.

Rawls joins Devin Funchess by being represented in both 2016 Prestige and Score, David Harris shows up in the latter, and Denard Robinson the former.  Meanwhile, I added to my Charles Woodson PC with a card each from those same sets to go with a beautiful base issue from 2015 Gridiron Kings, which is another excellent football product that baseball fans just have to be jealous of.
Devin Funchess 2015 Topps Museum Collection RC and Copper parallel
From the quarter box here's a pair of Funchess cards from Topps' 2015 Museum Collection product.  One is a rookie I needed for my first-year collection, and by my count that gives me half of his 24.  Next to his base is a Copper parallel, which is about as meh as it gets for parallels.
TK Legacy Michigan Checklists (#SK1)
Joining the Funchess parallel in the insert collection is this checklist previewing Sketch Cards from TK Legacy.  I've never managed to purchase one of those elusive items because they're relatively rare and very expensive.  Still, even the previews are nice to look at, and I'll pretty much grab any TK Legacy card I don't have in a slow, maybe-I-will-maybe-I-won't effort towards a master set.  Star WRs Braylon Edwards and Desmond Howard are pictured here, by the way.
Jason Avant, Steve Breaston, and Ty Law 2009 Topps Magic Minis
The last of my inserts were this trio of Minis from one of Topps' most well done sets, 2009 Topps Magic.  I showed off the complete Wolverines team set of 15 cards way back in December of 2014 and now I have some minis to go with them, meaning I may just have to chase those as well.  Not that I need any excuses to grab more Wolverine uni cards....

And last but not least we have the $2 hits:
Adrian Arrington 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Autographs Platinum Holofoil auto (#09/25)
I probably say this every time I add a new Arrington, which unfortunately isn't too often these days, but it's hard for me to find something of his that's new to me.  I was surprised to find that I didn't have any version of his 'graph from this product, so to land a parallel numbered to 25 for just a couple bucks was exciting for me.  This is my 47th hit of A-Squared, and each and every one carries his signature.
Thom Darden 2006 TK Legacy auto
And now we move on to a guy making his debut in my football hits collection!  If I have trouble finding new Arringtons, it's often even more difficult to track down TK Legacy autos I don't yet own, so $2 for Mr. Darden here was more than fair to me.  I introduced the productive Browns safety with an Afro back in April in a Rookie Blue-Out post, so he's not entirely new to my collection, just to the hits.  His extremely legible signature makes him subject #197 in that collection, and I hope I can push that number above 200 before the end of the year.
Devin Funchess 2015 Panini Prizm Prizm Premier Jerseys jersey
Lastly, I wouldn't have paid $2 for this Refractor-y (sorry, "Prizm") jersey relic of Devin Funchess by itself, but factored into the total I was fine with it.  It's got a nice photo of a concentrating Funchess making a catch along with a black Panthers jersey swatch, though the design isn't anything to write home about.  While I still need to dig up an autograph of Bunches of Funchess one of these days, I'm now up to three hits of the TE-turned WR.

And all that is clearly an improvement on last month's one-card Taylortown show so I hope I can continue that momentum into August.  Until then, how about some show-off posts from my latest COMC haul?