Monday, May 15, 2017

2017 trade package #6: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

As I mentioned this evening on TMV, I went a bit more than two weeks without posting mainly for positive reasons, but I'm trying to put in some effort to give some great trade partners credit for sending me some fun stuff.

As usual, one of those folks is Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  You may recall him from the more than 40 previous trade posts on this here blog alone (and more than 20 on TMV!).  I don't think I've even sent him stuff since the last time I posted cards from him back in February yet he fired another envelope over the border.  Here's what came my way this time:
Fun fact--Trey's actual first name is "Alfonso"--I didn't know that!  I mean, I knew "Trey" was a nickname, but never thought to find out what for.  Anyway, Doug sent my my very first signature of the former NCAA Player of the Year, #9 overall pick, and heralded NBA rookie in the form of this 2014-15 Panini Prizm Autographs Prizms Purple Pulsar auto, numbered #01/49.  It's a super cool signature of one of the biggest college stars to come out of Michigan, just my second Burke hit overall, and 70th card on my basketball collection, which isn't nearly as minuscule as it used to be.  Nice start!
One of two football entrants this time was this '90 Fleer base of Mike Kenn, an OL who played all 251 games of his excellent 17-year career with Atlanta.  I think he's still eligible for the Hall of Fame so I hope he eventually makes it in.
The remainder of the football content is this big-ass jersey (numbered 21/99) of former #1 WR Devin Funchess.  If ever there was a card that evokes "bunches of Funchess" then this is it.  Playing off the Clear Vision product name, the swatch area is covered by a clear plastic/acetate/whatever piece that includes the inset photo, giving the whole thing a shadowbox kind of feel.  The border colors really work well with the Carolina uniform too.  It's definitely a cool piece and a winner of a relic given how stale those have gotten.  Welcome to the collection, Funchess hit #5!
And of course, the hockey content.  I mean, these came from a Canadian, so why not include a pair of Canadiens?  One of those is a hockey Mike, in this case current New Jersey Devil Cammalleri.  The other, Max Pacioretty, just finished his ninth season with the Habs and put up 30 goals for the fourth straight season and fifth time overall.  Those two bookend cards of Jack Johnson (still with the pictured Blue Jackets) and the awesomely-named Jed Ortmeyer, pictured in his one season with the Sharks.
Last up is my favorite card of the package--yep, even with the cool autograph and giant relic present--this 1998-99 McDonald's Upper Deck issue of blog favorite Brendan Morrison.  And why shouldn't my favorite in this Canuck-sourced envelope be a card that was only available through Canadian McDonald's?  The design is fantastic, and while part of the card doesn't scan as well as it looks, the clear see-through photo--framed inside of a puck, nice touch!--really pops.  Cards like this one make me want to put more effort into my Morrison collection until I get enough to scan and show everything off.

Thanks again for another envelope full of Wolverine wonders, Doug!  I'm looking forward to returning the favor very soon.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Turning the NFL draft up to 11

If you weren't paying attention this past weekend, Michigan enjoyed a historically excellent draft, seeing a program record 11 Wolverines get selected (including two first-rounders), most of any school in 2017.  That total equals Michigan's production from 2013-16 and is the highest since back-to-back drafts with seven Wolverines selected in 2007 and '08.  In addition, out of the eight players that went undrafted, seven signed with NFL teams as free agents, meaning a crazy number of 18 new alumni could appear on pro rosters this year.  What a difference a few years make!

In celebration I thought I'd take a quick look at where and by whom each player was drafted and where they can be found on early cardboard in terms of rookie cards and autographs.  NOTE:  I own none of the cards pictured below, though hopefully I'll be able to add a few of them eventually!
Jabrill Peppers (Everything)
Cleveland, Round 1, pick 25 (#25 overall)
RCs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Score
Autographs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Leaf Metal Draft;  Leaf Ultimate Draft;  Panini Contenders;  Score

Taco Charlton (DL)
Dallas, Round 1, pick 28 (#28)
RCs:  Score
Autographs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Leaf Draft;  Leaf Metal Draft;  Leaf Ultimate Draft;  Panini Contenders;  Score

Chris Wormley (DL)
Baltimore, Round 3, pick 10 (#74)
RCs:  Score
Autographs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Leaf Draft;  Panini Contenders;  SAGE HIT Premier Draft;  Score

Jourdan Lewis (CB)
Dallas, Round 3, pick 28 (#92)
RCs:  Elite Draft Picks
Autographs:  None

Delano Hill (S)
Image result for delano hill football
Seattle, Round 3, pick 31 (#95)
RCs:  None
Autographs:  None

Amara Darboh, (WR)
Seattle, Round 3, pick 42 (#106)
RCs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Score
Autographs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Leaf Draft;  Leaf Metal Draft;  Leaf Ultimate Draft;  Panini Contenders;  SAGE HIT Premier Draft;  Score

Ben Gedeon (LB)
Minnesota, Round 4, pick 14 (#120)
RCs:  None
Autographs:  Leaf Draft

Ryan Glasgow (DL)
Cincinnati, Round 4, pick 32 (#138)
RCs:  None
Autographs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Leaf Draft;  Panini Contenders

Jehu Chesson (WR)
Kansas City, Round 4, pick 33 (#139)
RCs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Score
Autographs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Leaf Draft;  Leaf Metal Draft;  Leaf Ultimate Draft;  Panini Contenders;  Score

Jake Butt (TE)
Denver, Round 5, pick 1 (#145)
RCs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Score
Autographs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Leaf Draft;  Leaf Metal Draft;  Leaf Ultimate Draft;  Panini Contenders;  Score

Jeremy Clark (S)
Image result for jeremy clark football
New York Jets, Round 6, pick 13 (#197)
RCs:  None
Autographs:  None

Undrafted free agents:
Kenny Allen (K)
Image result for kenny allen football
RCs:  None
Autographs:  None

Matt Godin (DL)
Image result for matt godin football
RCs:  None
Autographs:  None

Kyle Kalis (OL)
Image result for kyle kalis football
RCs:  None
Autographs:  None

Erik Magnuson (OL)
San Francisco
RCs:  None
Autographs:  None

De'Veon Smith (RB)
RCs:  Score
Autographs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Leaf Draft;  Leaf Metal Draft;  Leaf Ultimate Draft;  Panini Contenders

Channing Stribling (CB)
RCs:  None
Autographs:  Elite Draft Picks;  Leaf Draft;  Panini Contenders

Dymonte Thomas (S)
Image result for Dymonte Thomas football
RCs:  None
Autographs:  None

Thursday, April 6, 2017

2017 Leaf Draft football: the Wolverines

As I said in today's TMV posted in which I showed of a two-blaster break of 2017 Leaf Draft football, I thought at least a few of you might want to see the Wolverines from the product in a bit more depth.

First, all five base cards in numerical order (front and back):
WR Amara Darboh

RB De'Veon Smith
TE Jake Butt

WR Jehu Chesson
DE Taco Charlton

Next up is the lone Wolverine I pulled out of the Gold Parallel set, Jehu Chesson:
I didn't bother with the back since it looks exactly the same.

Finally, both of Jake Butt's entries from the All-American insert, including the Gold parallel of that:
You'll notice the text on the back is the same as that of his base card, along with the photo being identical (with a different background).

Though I didn't manage to pull any of them, nine(!) Wolverines appear in the autographs checklist:

  • Amara Darboh (SSP)
  • Ben Gedeon
  • Channing Stribling
  • Chris Wormley
  • De'Veon Smith (SSP)
  • Jake Butt (SSP)
  • Jehu Chesson (SSP)
  • Ryan Glasgow
  • Taco Charlton (SSP)

While this is a great draft class, I don't forsee every one of those guys making it onto NFL cardboard, to say nothing of autographs, so as always I appreciate products like this for including the lesser known guys.  And I hope to have some to show off here eventually!

Along with those, I'm looking forward to adding even more nice college uni signatures from products like Panini Elite (along with some true RCs of guys like Jabrill Peppers!) and Leaf Metal Draft.  This looks like another great year to be a college collector!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

3-31-17 card show report: sideline to sideline and stretching the field

As I said over on TMV this evening, I had an enjoyable card show experience last Friday after a terrible one earlier last month.  That quarter box success extended to my Wolverines collections as well as you'll see from my haul here:
Let's start with five great 90s/early 2000s base cards of coach Jim Harbaugh!  These cards give me an excuse to post this tweet from Monday:
I love our coach.

And now for some horizontal inserts:
Arrington's card is a 2008 Playoff Prestige Prestigious Picks Red insert (#364/750).  Beer/nachos/football lover Gerry Ford is represented on a 2004 Topps Presidential Pastime card from a baseball product, but he played football here, so in my football collection he shall go.  WR Devin Funchess is Chromed out on a 60th Anniversary Rookies insert from 2015.  Mike Hart (109 cards) appears on a beautifully colorful draft-related insert from 2008 Playoff Prestige, making its second appearance here.  The third is Super Mario Manningham's (136 cards) Black version of the previously-seen Prestigious Picks insert (#275/500) for our third taste of Maize and Blue goodness.

For the rest of the bunch we go deep and go vertical:
Retired WR Jason Avant appears on a second-year Chrome Silver insert (#198/299) from 2007 Topps Draft.  I found a pair of cards of fellow WR Braylon Edwards:  a 2008 Topps Chrome Refractor (already had it, oops), and 2008 Triple Threads base card (#523/779).  Leon Hall is my lone defensive player today with one of his several appearances in the SAGE HIT Big-10 insert.  I then made a bit of progress towards my Michigan Football RC collection with my second rookie of former transfer QB Jake Rudock, this one hailing from 2016 Panini.  And finally, I found one last Michigan uni (heavily airbrushed though it may be) card, a 2001 Ultra College Greats Preview of Michigan WR great Amani Toomer.

Needless to say, this show excursion made both my wallet and my Michigan Football inserts collection very happy!

Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 trade package #5: the Daily Dimwit

I'm guessing most of you reading this are heading over from this evening's TMV post which saw the glorious return of a Daily Dimwit trade package to my mailbox.  In that post you got to see a great new Jim Abbott for my collection, and I'm also happy to have something to show off over here tonight:
This isn't the card in question, but the fact that it's a 2015 Prizm card of former #1 WR Devin Funchess makes it a nice teaser for what I'll be showing in a second.  More than just a nice unexpected throw-in, this is one of Funchess' 24 RCs from that year.
Now here's the main event.  The official title for this guy is 2015 Panini Prizm Rookie Autographs Prizms Red Power Prizms Red Power (I don't know why "Red Power" gets repeated but whatever).  All I care is that it's a very cool looking autograph of Funchess, making that the first such card of him in my football PC.  Sam pulled this very card, #d 04/75, from a box purchased around Black Friday of 2015, and I was able to land it along with the previously-mentioned Abbott for a nice haul of Astros stuff.  It sure is nice to have a Houston collector to trade with once again!

Thanks again, Sam!  Let's not wait so long to trade again next time!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017 trade package #4: the (Pedestrian) Collector

I recently received my second trade package courtesy of Chris who runs the (Pedestrian) Collector, and this time I was happy to find some Wolverines to go with the rest of the contents.  If you read my TMV post from this evening you saw that I showed off a pair of cards relevant to that blog, but those make up a tiny fraction of the contents.  In fact, I like to think Chris was doing his best impression of Doug with this package based on the attention to detail he put into finding some Michigan stuff for me (and that's high praise!).

Here's a look at what Chris sent:

The five-card football portion starts with a QB club of three cards.  First is a '98 Topps Chrome of Elvis Grbac, a former Niner/Chief/Raven who had a nice Michigan career from '89-'92.  Next is a nice pair of cards featuring current Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh.  These hail from '95 Playoff Contenders and '97 Finest.  Shiny and higher-end seems to be the theme of the day!

The fourth card represents two of my football collections:  rookies and vintage.  It's an '81 Topps first-year of 17-year Atlanta Falcon T Mike Kenn, one of the school's most successful NFL products.  This one doesn't fit in with the shiny theme but is high quality for sure!

The fifth and final card gets us back on track with the others, and it's also from about the same time period:  a 2001 Topps Chrome base of Tai Streets, a WR who played for the '97 national champs and went on to a brief NFL career with San Fran and Detroit.

Now that's some good football content!  On to hockey:

It's a Mike Comrie hot page!  The first five cards represent the former Michigan C who's pictured with his original team, Edmonton, for whom he skated from 2001-2003.  The former Mr. Hilary Duff appears on cards from
  • 2002-03 Pacific Heads Up
  • 2002-03 Private Stock Titanium
  • 2003-04 Upper Deck High Gloss Parallel (#24/25)
  • 2001-02 and 2002-03 Atomic
This is a really nice bunch, especially thanks to the pair of die-cut atomic cards, not to mention the low-numbered UD parallel, which may be my best Comrie that isn't a hit to-date!

Two other players came long for the ride, and one is this '94-'95 Electric Ice parallel of LW (and Kitchener, Ontario native) Cam Stewart's Upper Deck second-year card.  It goes to show that Upper Deck's penchant for quality design goes way back.

Finally, Chris included a pair of cards of blog favorite goalie Marty Turco, both showing him with the Stars, the team that originally drafted him.  These come from 2002-03 Private Stock Titanium and 2007-08 O-Pee-Chee (which was being handled by Upper Deck at the time).  They give me a nice pair of action shots with Turco in both away and home unis.

Once again, thanks a lot for a great package of Wolverines, Chris!  I'll work on sending you a nice response as soon as I can acquire stuff I know you'll like.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 trade package #3: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

First, a quick thanks to Jeff who put up a post last Monday since I've been pretty lazy with posting lately!  I should try to follow his example and pick up some nice stuff of Trey Burke.

Anyway, in trade package news I already received my second envelope from Doug, my prolific trade partner who runs Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  It actually arrived early in February (I think!), way before I'd even responded to the first great package he sent me.  Unlike that stack of cards, this one was all hockey, all the time!
Here's a page of base and inserts of enough guys to field a starting five skaters.  The "hockey Mikes" tag makes its return thanks to LW Cammalleri (2009-10 UD) and RW Knuble (2003-04 Private Stock).

Recent newcomer to the league Andrew Copp is our first of two centers, and he's represented by a 2015-16 Upper Deck Contours Rookie Resume insert (#239/399); I'll need to add him to my hits collection at some point!

Matt Herr is a guy I don't remember too well, but the Hackensack, NJ native spent four very productive years--72 goals and 133 points--in Ann Arbor before suiting up at center for the Caps, Panthers, and Bruins.  I'm always glad to learn about players I've missed, so thanks to Doug for including this 1999-2000 Upper Deck Victory base!

Blog favorite Brendan Morrison, like former teammate Herr, was also a C who appeared on a UD Victory base card, in this case from 2009-10.  One of these days I'll work on my Morrison collection so I have enough to scan in an album to show off.

Max Pacioretty is another left-winger, and like his former Canadiens teammate Cammalleri, he appears here in the form of a 2009-10 Upper Deck base card, with its excellent design including team-appropriate colors.

Lastly, our blue line tandem comprises Greg Pateryn, another former Canadien (2013-14 Prizm), and still-a-Jet-somehow Jacob Trouba (2013-14 Score).  Both of these are Panini-branded RCs.

The fun clearly didn't stop there, though, thanks to this fantastic addition:
Phil Di Giuseppe 2015-16 The Cup patch auto RC (#211/249)
Not only is this a beautifully done RPA, it also represents my first hit of former Michigan LW (2011-2014) Phil Di Giuseppe.  Phil was a 2012 second-round pick for Carolina, and after two-plus seasons in the Hurricanes system he made his debut last season, potting seven goals and 10 assists in half a season's worth of action.  While he's added just one goal to that total in 26 games this season, he still has a ton of potential.

Anyway, check out that patch!  This is clearly one of those instances where the patch outshines the signature--I guess he didn't feel like writing out his full name 249 times!  I'm happy to add PDG as the 48th member of my hockey PC.

If you thought that was a pretty sweet addition, well, I have news for you:  I saved the best for last.  And yes, it can get better!:
This here is a black-and-white postcard of former WolverWing (and current Michigan Hockey coach) Red Berenson produced by photographer J.D. McCarthy, who made such postcard photos for players to use to respond to fan mail.  Red indeed signed this one in nice blue ink and sent it to a fan in Chicago.  I can even clearly read the postmark from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, from 1972, when he was in his second or third season in Motown.

Honestly, a signed postcard from back then is beyond cool, but Doug really knocked it out of the park (what's a good hockey analogy?  "Really sniped one from the blue line"?) by sending me one of the former Wolverine as a member of the Red Wings.  This is an extremely cool piece that I'll add to the college game-used puck I had Red sign a few years back as part of my Michigan autographed sports memorabilia collection!

Thanks for yet another killer package, Doug!  I hope to return the favor again before long, but in the meantime I'm glad to see you're enjoying the stuff I sent to you a couple weeks ago.