Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017 trade package #4: the (Pedestrian) Collector

I recently received my second trade package courtesy of Chris who runs the (Pedestrian) Collector, and this time I was happy to find some Wolverines to go with the rest of the contents.  If you read my TMV post from this evening you saw that I showed off a pair of cards relevant to that blog, but those make up a tiny fraction of the contents.  In fact, I like to think Chris was doing his best impression of Doug with this package based on the attention to detail he put into finding some Michigan stuff for me (and that's high praise!).

Here's a look at what Chris sent:

The five-card football portion starts with a QB club of three cards.  First is a '98 Topps Chrome of Elvis Grbac, a former Niner/Chief/Raven who had a nice Michigan career from '89-'92.  Next is a nice pair of cards featuring current Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh.  These hail from '95 Playoff Contenders and '97 Finest.  Shiny and higher-end seems to be the theme of the day!

The fourth card represents two of my football collections:  rookies and vintage.  It's an '81 Topps first-year of 17-year Atlanta Falcon T Mike Kenn, one of the school's most successful NFL products.  This one doesn't fit in with the shiny theme but is high quality for sure!

The fifth and final card gets us back on track with the others, and it's also from about the same time period:  a 2001 Topps Chrome base of Tai Streets, a WR who played for the '97 national champs and went on to a brief NFL career with San Fran and Detroit.

Now that's some good football content!  On to hockey:

It's a Mike Comrie hot page!  The first five cards represent the former Michigan C who's pictured with his original team, Edmonton, for whom he skated from 2001-2003.  The former Mr. Hilary Duff appears on cards from
  • 2002-03 Pacific Heads Up
  • 2002-03 Private Stock Titanium
  • 2003-04 Upper Deck High Gloss Parallel (#24/25)
  • 2001-02 and 2002-03 Atomic
This is a really nice bunch, especially thanks to the pair of die-cut atomic cards, not to mention the low-numbered UD parallel, which may be my best Comrie that isn't a hit to-date!

Two other players came long for the ride, and one is this '94-'95 Electric Ice parallel of LW (and Kitchener, Ontario native) Cam Stewart's Upper Deck second-year card.  It goes to show that Upper Deck's penchant for quality design goes way back.

Finally, Chris included a pair of cards of blog favorite goalie Marty Turco, both showing him with the Stars, the team that originally drafted him.  These come from 2002-03 Private Stock Titanium and 2007-08 O-Pee-Chee (which was being handled by Upper Deck at the time).  They give me a nice pair of action shots with Turco in both away and home unis.

Once again, thanks a lot for a great package of Wolverines, Chris!  I'll work on sending you a nice response as soon as I can acquire stuff I know you'll like.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 trade package #3: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

First, a quick thanks to Jeff who put up a post last Monday since I've been pretty lazy with posting lately!  I should try to follow his example and pick up some nice stuff of Trey Burke.

Anyway, in trade package news I already received my second envelope from Doug, my prolific trade partner who runs Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  It actually arrived early in February (I think!), way before I'd even responded to the first great package he sent me.  Unlike that stack of cards, this one was all hockey, all the time!
Here's a page of base and inserts of enough guys to field a starting five skaters.  The "hockey Mikes" tag makes its return thanks to LW Cammalleri (2009-10 UD) and RW Knuble (2003-04 Private Stock).

Recent newcomer to the league Andrew Copp is our first of two centers, and he's represented by a 2015-16 Upper Deck Contours Rookie Resume insert (#239/399); I'll need to add him to my hits collection at some point!

Matt Herr is a guy I don't remember too well, but the Hackensack, NJ native spent four very productive years--72 goals and 133 points--in Ann Arbor before suiting up at center for the Caps, Panthers, and Bruins.  I'm always glad to learn about players I've missed, so thanks to Doug for including this 1999-2000 Upper Deck Victory base!

Blog favorite Brendan Morrison, like former teammate Herr, was also a C who appeared on a UD Victory base card, in this case from 2009-10.  One of these days I'll work on my Morrison collection so I have enough to scan in an album to show off.

Max Pacioretty is another left-winger, and like his former Canadiens teammate Cammalleri, he appears here in the form of a 2009-10 Upper Deck base card, with its excellent design including team-appropriate colors.

Lastly, our blue line tandem comprises Greg Pateryn, another former Canadien (2013-14 Prizm), and still-a-Jet-somehow Jacob Trouba (2013-14 Score).  Both of these are Panini-branded RCs.

The fun clearly didn't stop there, though, thanks to this fantastic addition:
Phil Di Giuseppe 2015-16 The Cup patch auto RC (#211/249)
Not only is this a beautifully done RPA, it also represents my first hit of former Michigan LW (2011-2014) Phil Di Giuseppe.  Phil was a 2012 second-round pick for Carolina, and after two-plus seasons in the Hurricanes system he made his debut last season, potting seven goals and 10 assists in half a season's worth of action.  While he's added just one goal to that total in 26 games this season, he still has a ton of potential.

Anyway, check out that patch!  This is clearly one of those instances where the patch outshines the signature--I guess he didn't feel like writing out his full name 249 times!  I'm happy to add PDG as the 48th member of my hockey PC.

If you thought that was a pretty sweet addition, well, I have news for you:  I saved the best for last.  And yes, it can get better!:
This here is a black-and-white postcard of former WolverWing (and current Michigan Hockey coach) Red Berenson produced by photographer J.D. McCarthy, who made such postcard photos for players to use to respond to fan mail.  Red indeed signed this one in nice blue ink and sent it to a fan in Chicago.  I can even clearly read the postmark from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, from 1972, when he was in his second or third season in Motown.

Honestly, a signed postcard from back then is beyond cool, but Doug really knocked it out of the park (what's a good hockey analogy?  "Really sniped one from the blue line"?) by sending me one of the former Wolverine as a member of the Red Wings.  This is an extremely cool piece that I'll add to the college game-used puck I had Red sign a few years back as part of my Michigan autographed sports memorabilia collection!

Thanks for yet another killer package, Doug!  I hope to return the favor again before long, but in the meantime I'm glad to see you're enjoying the stuff I sent to you a couple weeks ago.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Who's that guy?

I know what you're thinking, who's the new guy? I haven't been on this blog in a long time (It's Jeff, BTW). That's mainly because my specialty is picking up the cheap cards of our Wolverines and Dennis shows off some really great cards where as my cheap cards tend to get shown by him first, but not today. I went through his card gallery and I didn't see these cards there so I might have beaten him to them. It doesn't happen often so I have to brag when I can,

I don't know who knows and who doesn't but I usually only collect players in the Maize and Blue but I have started some player collections of players that I watched and grew to like while they were with the Wolverines. The following player would be one of them.

I picked up this rookie 2013-14 Panini Titanium relic card on Ebay for $1.84/shipped. You can see, sorta that it's also numbered 304/325. Of course, it says player warn material so I'm sure it's not game used but I only paid less that $2 so I guess I can't complain.

I also picked up this 2015-16 Panini Prizm Autograph of Trey Burke. I paid a little more than the first one at $3.04/shipped but still it's great autograph of a pretty good player that's making a name for himself. These 2 cards only make 7 for the Trey Burke Collection and they are my first relic and auto of him.

The only reason I happen to come across these 2 cards is because they were free shipping and the starting bid was under a quarter. I don't usually come across these types of cards because of that but I lucked into these two, which is another reason you don't see me here often.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017 eBay purchases: high-end Hennes (or HEH)

For any of you that headed over here from TMV this evening, consider this post a nice small desert after that heavy five-course meal of high-end cardboard.  You got to see five cards of some of my favorite Michigan Baseball PC guys, and now I have three more of a favorite football PC that came from a pair of January eBay purchases, Chad Henne:

Chad Henne 2008 SAGE HIT Autographs auto
I said yesterday that SAGE doesn't make their cards like they used to, and while that's a shame, I'll always have favorites like the 2008 product.  This is a design that's easy for me to like thanks to the fun college action photos, big swatch of blue (on the base versions), and notable stats up front.  I'm also fine with the stickers they used in this case since the autograph is easy to see on them.

My only other Henne from this product is the Gold version (#d /250) so I'm hoping to find the others eventually in order to show off a very nice rainbow.

Chad Henne 2008 Select Autographs Red Zone auto (#18/25)
Coming along for the ride with the SAGE card above for about $6.50 delivered was this blazing hot autograph from 2008 Select.  I was under the impression that I didn't have it until I went to put it in my Henne folder and found that I own #05/25.  Oh well, it was cheap and I can either flip it to another Michigan/Henne collector or just hold onto it for another 4% of the print run.

Chad Henne 2011 Prime Signatures Autographs Printing Plates Magenta auto (1/1)
And last up is the biggie.  I generally try to pay $15 or under for 1/1s with few exceptions, but I'll happily up that a bit if an autograph is thrown into the mix, and that's exactly what we have here.  Just my second 1/1 of the Jacksonville backup QB, this has to be my highest-end solo Henne card, and I had no problem spending $18 on it a few weeks ago.  This one's fun because, besides the signature, it's one of those unorthodox plates that's affixed to a very thick card, in what's probably an attempt to prevent pack-searching.

Despite today's haul being just two cards instead of three because of my mistake, I still have a very special Henne collection milestone to celebrate:  100 hits!  He's just the second player in my entire Michigan sports collection to reach that mark (of course Rich Hill was first).  In case you're interested, those break down into:

  • 36 relics (including multiples)
  • 32 autographs (just signatures)
  • 12 autographed relics
  • 5 patches (including manupatches)
  • 14 autographed patches/manupatches
  • 2 plates/1-of-1s
That's 101 hits, or almost half of the 205 I have in his collection to-date!  (I can math!)

Stay tuned for more trade package goodness soon.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

2017 trade package #2: Bump and Run Football Card Blog

When brand new trade partner Trevor from the Bump and Run Football Card Blog sent me a package last month, he put in a nice amount of Tigers and other baseball PC guys for me (as seen on today's TMV post), but where the package really shines and shows the amazing effort he put in is the huge number of Wolverines he included.  He noted, "I think I pulled every Wolverine in my collection" and added "I hope this suffices."  Uh, yeah, this'll do just fine, Trevor.

Take a look at the goods to find out if you're just as blown away as I was:
This basketball bounty includes Juwan Howard, Glen Rice, Jalen Rose, Nik Stauskas, and Chris Webber.  Howard's 2000-01 Topps Chrome Refractor is my easy pick for favorite of the bunch, but those 2004-05 Showcase cards of Rose and Webber look fantastic as well.
And the football frenzy begins with this page, which just gets us through A-F with a total of six players.  There's a lot to like, starting with three college uni issues of Avant, Carter, and Funchess.  That Biakabutuka Zenith insert looks amazing in-person and is my favorite in the scan.  I was thrilled to add three cards of former #1 AC, not to mention two more of another former #1 in Funchess.  Prestige continues to be a product that features a design I love along with college unis.  And the Topps Platinum insert is a fantastic looking Sapphire (a.k.a. blue, I mean, let's call it what it is) Refractor.
This scan features another nice mix of 90s and 2000s/2010s players in Hall, Henne, Henson, Huard, Lewan, Robinson, and Streets.  Former QBs Henne and Henson duke it out for favorite card status as the former is a 2011 Prestige Prestigious Pros Black insert numbered to a crazy low 04/25 and the latter is the best looking insert from one of Topps' greatest products ever, a Gold Chrome parallel from 2004 Draft Picks and Prospects.  A trio of Denards and a great shot of Streets making a catch in a college game are a great way to close out the group.
Even more football!  (I did say "bonanza", didn't I?)  Streets' 1995 WR teammate Toomer gets in on the action with another college photo, while Gabe Watson represents the only other defensive player in the package (Leon Hall, above) except for a card you'll see in a second.  Last up is the most well-represented player in the envelope this time, RB legend Tyrone Wheatley, who recently left Michigan's staff to coach Jacksonville's RBs (hey, help get Denard some reasonable playing time, Ty!).  The first two cards, both from '95 Collector's Choice, look similar, but the second is a Player's Club parallel that features a stamp in the upper-right corner.  Another rookie year card from '95's Ultra Extra joins those, and then we step up in quality even more with cards from '96 Finest (love that design!) and 2000 Collector's Edge EG.

All in all this is an amazing first trade package and--
Image result for simpsons moe what?
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  There's more?!
Wow, three football hits too!  First we have a 2009 Upper Deck Game Day Gear jersey of Chad Henne.  This is one of those cards I always think I already have because I see it for sale quite often, but I actually didn't until Trevor included it here.  It's quite an exciting pickup, not just because I love collecting Henne, but also because it's my 99th hit of the former QB!

Speaking of hits of my PC guys, how about another 2009 UD-branded relic, in this case a 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Retail Blue jersey of Super Mario Manningham?  The former Super Bowl hero is looking mighty fine on this jersey relic, my 64th hit of this here blog's namesake.  Heroes was an outstanding product and this has me wanting to search for more of my Wolverines from it.

Last but not least is our last example of a player from the defensive side of the ball; those guys just don't get the love they deserve, do they?  In this case it's former DT Will Johnson, who played in Ann Arbor in the late 2000s.  He ultimately didn't appear in an NFL game, so I appreciate his appearance in a product like 2009 SAGE HIT, otherwise I wouldn't get to enjoy an appropriately blue gem like this in my collection.  They don't make SAGE the way they used to!

Trevor, thanks again for a generous helping of Wolverines!  As a fellow college collector I look forward to returning the favor with some BYU alumni as soon as I can accumulate some for you.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

2/4/17 card show report: show me some Wolverines

As I mentioned on TMV this evening, I plan on returning to trade posts soon, but wanted to show off some purchases as well.  Plus, just as I did over there, I've updated my singles and players wantlist page so it's hopefully more useful to those of you tracking down trade bait for me, including mentioning specific cards I want.

So that Saturday show was quite beneficial to a number of my baseball PCs, but I also had some luck finding a few Michigan additions as well, mostly of the football variety, but with one hockey example as well:

Crazy Legs!  I showed off my brand new autograph of him a couple weeks ago and now I have a couple more cards to go with it.  These are from the 1994 Topps Archives sets that reprinted cards from the 1956 and '57 sets.  These remind me of how great some of the old football designs looked  (aside from recycling images!) and that I really should try to track down more vintage stuff from that sport.  I'm chasing Hirsch's 1950 Bowman RC for my football rookie project, but as expensive as that is I bet I'll have more luck getting one of his more recent issues in the meantime.
Here's a nice trio of inserts.  Biakabutuka makes yet another appearance in the form of a Gold Medallion parallel from 1998 Ultra, another example of that product's impeccable design.  Campbell, meanwhile, probably isn't as well known, but isn't new to my collection as I'm chasing his RCs.  In fact, when I found this in a dime box I thought I'd hit the jackpot and found his Fleer Focus RC, the last one I needed of him, but this is actually the much rarer (#028/300) Stealth parallel instead.  Oh well, I'll be happy to own both eventually.  Finally, I spent another dime on a Scorecard parallel of an insert called In the Zone out of 2011 Score.  There's actually seven total versions of this card, which is stupid and excessive (if I call out Topps for something I should be consistent) so I think I'll just stick with this one.
Speaking of parallels, how about a pair of low-numbered ones of this here blog's namesake, Mario Manningham?  These were in the $1 box, but I got a nice discount by grabbing a few more, so they set me back less than that, not that I wouldn't have thrown down a George Washington apiece otherwise.

The one on the left is an Artist's Proof parallel of his rookie from 2008 Score Select, and it's #07/32, which is pretty decently rare.  The card on the right, a 2011 Donruss Elite Status die-cut parallel, one-ups (or eight-ups, I guess?) its counterpart at #03/24.  These are definitely "super" additions to Mario's growing collection and I hope I can have similar luck next time.
And finally, I was happy to land an insert from TMM's favorite Michigan goalie, Marty Turco.  It's from a 2004 Pacific set called Rise to Stardom, a fun insert that shows the progression of his career with a slideshow along the left, starting with a very young Turco and moving up to his success with Dallas.  If I can continue to find cards of him I'll be more motivated to start up a PC album for him as well, so I'll be on the lookout next time.

That's it for the February show but stay tuned for more trade posts plus some eBay pickups, and maybe more.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017 trade package #1: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

Having shown off some goods over on TMV this evening, let's have a look at even more stuff from Doug at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store in the 42nd(!) package I've posted from him on this here blog:
The basketball contingent starts with this pair of 2013-14 Panini Crusade RCs of recent stars Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr.  THJ went on an absolute tear for Atlanta last Friday, then posted this yesterday:
#RespectGreatness indeed.

Joining that pair was this beauty:
This here is a :takes deep breath: Glenn Robinson III 2014-15 Panini National Treasures Air Apparent Jersey Autographs Prime patch auto (#05/25).  This card of the third Glenn Robinson is a triple threat of a very cool signature, ridiculous patch, and low numbering.  GRIII will be in the All-Star slam dunk contest and tweeted the following this morning:
Good luck to him!  This amazing patch auto is my fourth Robinson hit ant 69th overall in my basketball collection.

Football was represented too, and it even had a Super Bowl connection:
Repping my vintage football collection is this 1962 Post Cereal CFL of former QB Bob Ptacek.  If you see a CFL-related card in my collection you can put good money on it having come from Doug, who digs up gems like this all the time.  Very cool!  It's been almost four years but I previously posted about Ptacek after picking up his TK Legacy auto.
Moving on to a more recent product, this Devin Funchess 2015 Prestige Draft Picks card will go right into my football inserts PC.  Funch's base card from this set looks pretty nice, but this extra shiny/foil-y insert of the 2015 2nd-rounder is cool too.
Joining those guys is--what's this?  A redemption?  Interesting.  It's from 2007 Playoff Contenders and autographed Rookie Ticket #106 is Alan Br--
Uh, I believe that's "Super Bowl champion Alan Branch Kills QBs", friend.  Your friendly (except to QBs) neighborhood NT had a half-sack and recovered a big fumble for the Pats on Sunday while earning his place in NFL history.

This redemption is an interesting one for two reasons; first, Branch never signed his cards so these got returned with a "NO AUTOGRAPH" stamp, like so:
and a replacement.  And second, I'm aware of that because way, way back, like almost 10 years ago, I bought a redemption card just like this one and tried to redeem it.  So I'm really curious to see what happens when I send this card in; will Panini honor it?  And if so, what will I get?  Stay tuned to find out!

Finally, it's hockey time!
More like Hockey Mikes time with more than half of the cards representing Cammalleri and Comrie, including that sweet Invincible card.  Also in the shot are a pair of Jack Johnsons, fellow D-man Jon Merrill, and sharer of Doug's 2/14 birthday Eric Nystrom, a guy I saw a ton of during my season ticket days.  His ability to pull Wolverines from Dollar Store packs and case breaks is unparalleled.
Case in point:  this stunning 2012-13 Dominion Patches Autographs patch auto (#52/60) of Bork himself, 2015-16 Stanley Cup-winner Carl Hagelin.  One Michigan alum patch/auto is great but a pair is just crazy.  I do believe this card, my eighth of the Swede, is my new favorite!

Doug, thanks again for a crazy (or would you be more comfortable with loonie?) good package, not to mention the second one I need to post while I try to figure out what to send back your way.  In the meantime, happy one week until your birthday!