Sunday, February 12, 2017

2/4/17 card show report: show me some Wolverines

As I mentioned on TMV this evening, I plan on returning to trade posts soon, but wanted to show off some purchases as well.  Plus, just as I did over there, I've updated my singles and players wantlist page so it's hopefully more useful to those of you tracking down trade bait for me, including mentioning specific cards I want.

So that Saturday show was quite beneficial to a number of my baseball PCs, but I also had some luck finding a few Michigan additions as well, mostly of the football variety, but with one hockey example as well:

Crazy Legs!  I showed off my brand new autograph of him a couple weeks ago and now I have a couple more cards to go with it.  These are from the 1994 Topps Archives sets that reprinted cards from the 1956 and '57 sets.  These remind me of how great some of the old football designs looked  (aside from recycling images!) and that I really should try to track down more vintage stuff from that sport.  I'm chasing Hirsch's 1950 Bowman RC for my football rookie project, but as expensive as that is I bet I'll have more luck getting one of his more recent issues in the meantime.
Here's a nice trio of inserts.  Biakabutuka makes yet another appearance in the form of a Gold Medallion parallel from 1998 Ultra, another example of that product's impeccable design.  Campbell, meanwhile, probably isn't as well known, but isn't new to my collection as I'm chasing his RCs.  In fact, when I found this in a dime box I thought I'd hit the jackpot and found his Fleer Focus RC, the last one I needed of him, but this is actually the much rarer (#028/300) Stealth parallel instead.  Oh well, I'll be happy to own both eventually.  Finally, I spent another dime on a Scorecard parallel of an insert called In the Zone out of 2011 Score.  There's actually seven total versions of this card, which is stupid and excessive (if I call out Topps for something I should be consistent) so I think I'll just stick with this one.
Speaking of parallels, how about a pair of low-numbered ones of this here blog's namesake, Mario Manningham?  These were in the $1 box, but I got a nice discount by grabbing a few more, so they set me back less than that, not that I wouldn't have thrown down a George Washington apiece otherwise.

The one on the left is an Artist's Proof parallel of his rookie from 2008 Score Select, and it's #07/32, which is pretty decently rare.  The card on the right, a 2011 Donruss Elite Status die-cut parallel, one-ups (or eight-ups, I guess?) its counterpart at #03/24.  These are definitely "super" additions to Mario's growing collection and I hope I can have similar luck next time.
And finally, I was happy to land an insert from TMM's favorite Michigan goalie, Marty Turco.  It's from a 2004 Pacific set called Rise to Stardom, a fun insert that shows the progression of his career with a slideshow along the left, starting with a very young Turco and moving up to his success with Dallas.  If I can continue to find cards of him I'll be more motivated to start up a PC album for him as well, so I'll be on the lookout next time.

That's it for the February show but stay tuned for more trade posts plus some eBay pickups, and maybe more.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017 trade package #1: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

Having shown off some goods over on TMV this evening, let's have a look at even more stuff from Doug at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store in the 42nd(!) package I've posted from him on this here blog:
The basketball contingent starts with this pair of 2013-14 Panini Crusade RCs of recent stars Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr.  THJ went on an absolute tear for Atlanta last Friday, then posted this yesterday:
#RespectGreatness indeed.

Joining that pair was this beauty:
This here is a :takes deep breath: Glenn Robinson III 2014-15 Panini National Treasures Air Apparent Jersey Autographs Prime patch auto (#05/25).  This card of the third Glenn Robinson is a triple threat of a very cool signature, ridiculous patch, and low numbering.  GRIII will be in the All-Star slam dunk contest and tweeted the following this morning:
Good luck to him!  This amazing patch auto is my fourth Robinson hit ant 69th overall in my basketball collection.

Football was represented too, and it even had a Super Bowl connection:
Repping my vintage football collection is this 1962 Post Cereal CFL of former QB Bob Ptacek.  If you see a CFL-related card in my collection you can put good money on it having come from Doug, who digs up gems like this all the time.  Very cool!  It's been almost four years but I previously posted about Ptacek after picking up his TK Legacy auto.
Moving on to a more recent product, this Devin Funchess 2015 Prestige Draft Picks card will go right into my football inserts PC.  Funch's base card from this set looks pretty nice, but this extra shiny/foil-y insert of the 2015 2nd-rounder is cool too.
Joining those guys is--what's this?  A redemption?  Interesting.  It's from 2007 Playoff Contenders and autographed Rookie Ticket #106 is Alan Br--
Uh, I believe that's "Super Bowl champion Alan Branch Kills QBs", friend.  Your friendly (except to QBs) neighborhood NT had a half-sack and recovered a big fumble for the Pats on Sunday while earning his place in NFL history.

This redemption is an interesting one for two reasons; first, Branch never signed his cards so these got returned with a "NO AUTOGRAPH" stamp, like so:
and a replacement.  And second, I'm aware of that because way, way back, like almost 10 years ago, I bought a redemption card just like this one and tried to redeem it.  So I'm really curious to see what happens when I send this card in; will Panini honor it?  And if so, what will I get?  Stay tuned to find out!

Finally, it's hockey time!
More like Hockey Mikes time with more than half of the cards representing Cammalleri and Comrie, including that sweet Invincible card.  Also in the shot are a pair of Jack Johnsons, fellow D-man Jon Merrill, and sharer of Doug's 2/14 birthday Eric Nystrom, a guy I saw a ton of during my season ticket days.  His ability to pull Wolverines from Dollar Store packs and case breaks is unparalleled.
Case in point:  this stunning 2012-13 Dominion Patches Autographs patch auto (#52/60) of Bork himself, 2015-16 Stanley Cup-winner Carl Hagelin.  One Michigan alum patch/auto is great but a pair is just crazy.  I do believe this card, my eighth of the Swede, is my new favorite!

Doug, thanks again for a crazy (or would you be more comfortable with loonie?) good package, not to mention the second one I need to post while I try to figure out what to send back your way.  In the meantime, happy one week until your birthday!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2016 COMC purchases: footballin' into February

It's the end of the first month of 2017 so let's finally finish up my COMC purchases from 2016.  On display today:  the rest of my football hits.  10 cards, nine players...let's go!
Adrian Arrington 2008 SP Rookie Threads 'R' patch auto RC (#04/28)
Starting us off is a card from one of my all-time favorite products, 2008 SP Rookie Threads.  These are my favorite versions of the letter patch cards out of Upper Deck (or elsewhere, for that matter) because they look like they were cut right from a college jersey.  This Arrington is my third from his nameplate, joining an "N" and a "T" (plus an "I" from the much rarer nameplate), and my 48th hit of him overall.
Steve Breaston 2007 Playoff National Treasures auto RC (#089/243)
A few early Breaston cards bear signatures that include his whole name, but for the most part, "SB" is par for the course.  That's too bad, but at least this signature appears on one of Panini's higher-end products, National Treasures, and it even doubles as a rookie card.  Breaston moves on up to 24 cards in my hits collection.
Braylon Edwards 2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Materials jersey-ball (#054/150)
No, I didn't arrange things so today's post would be nothing but receivers; in fact, Braylon's our final wideout today.  I've already got a ton of his hits and he's not really one of my favorites, but I still grab his stuff if it's cheap enough, like this Mirror Red jersey/ball parallel from the excellent Leaf Certified Materials product.  It marks my 50th relic-type card of Bray-Bray, and 69th hit overall, maintaining his third-place status.
Devin Gardner 2015 Leaf Trinity Pure Autographs Charcoal auto
One of the coolest cards I have to show off is this glass-like autograph of former QB Devin Gardner from the very interesting Leaf Trinity set.  As they combine college photos, on-card signatures, and a fun transparent design, I'd love to find others of my favorite players in the future, and I hope my fellow college collectors do as well.  Matching his jersey number above (which eventually changed to 98) this is my 7th hit of Devin.
Elroy Hirsch 1997 Upper Deck Legends Autographs auto
Oh boy is this a card I've been looking forward to showing off since I picked it up last year.  Hirsch, probably better known by his nickname "Crazylegs", initially starred for Wisconsin in the early 40s but was sent to Michigan in '43 because he joined the Marines.  In Ann Arbor he continued his extremely successful multi-sport career, then eventually made his way to the NFL's Rams after his discharge from the USMC.  With LA he enjoyed even more statistical success over his nine seasons, enough that he was enshrined in Canton, not to mention college's Hall of Fame as well.

As I set out to add some new players to my football collection (you'll see three more in this post), I considered landing something this nice of Hirsch a pipe dream.  These on-card autos on a beautiful UD design are iconic and I didn't expect to find the deal on COMC that I did, but a reasonable price soon made it mine.  Welcome to the collection, Crazylegs!
Tony McGee 2001 Pacific Impressions Triple Threads triple jersey (with Steve Bush and Brad St. Louis)
Tight end Tony McGee isn't remotely new to this blog as I've shared a number of his rookies and inserts with you, but this is my first hit of his, which is no surprise since he has just two, with the other being an autograph out of 1995 Pro Line.  Since I can't exactly be choosy I don't mind too much that he shares this card with two other TEs (though St. Louis was apparently mainly a long snapper in the NFL).  Now to chase down that autograph....
Denard Robinson 2013 Absolute Rookie Premiere Materials AFC-NFC triple jersey (#73/99)
Denard Robinson 2013 Topps Mini Autographs auto
I'm sure everybody that's reading this here post knows Denard is another guy familiar to my collection.  He's got plenty of cards to choose from and I can often find very good prices for them on COMC even if it's not during a big time sale.  The fact that it was Black Friday meant I grabbed these two for mere peanuts.  The Absolute triple jersey is my tenth relic-only card of him and was a fun pickup thanks to the low price and great photo.  I also dug up an autograph of the Mini variety from the same year and tried to scale the images to give you a better idea of its size.  Denard is the subject of the first of two milestones today as he becomes the 12th player in my collection to reach the 30-hit mark!
Jake Ryan 2015 Contenders auto RC
Although I haven't shown off any cards of him to-date, I believe I've mentioned former LB Jake Ryan once or twice over here.  A player who was generally considered a three-star recruit, I'd argue that he outplayed that rating over his four years (2011-15) in Ann Arbor.  Green Bay saw enough out of him to grab him in 2015's fourth round and he's seen a decent amount of action in his first two seasons for the Pack.  Hopefully more success awaits him in the pros.  For now I'm just happy to add him to my collection with this Contenders signature.  Speaking of that autograph, I'd say Jake has something to work on during the off-season.
Matt Wile 2011 Leaf Army All-American Bowl auto
Today's final card is also today's last new player.  Wile was both a place-kicker and punter for the Wolverines from 2011-15.  He mostly handled kickoffs his freshman year, mixed punting and field goals the next two, then pretty much focused on the PK role during his senior season.  He went undrafted, as many kickers do, and bounced around a few practice squads before seeing game action with Atlanta and Arizona.  I wouldn't exactly count on him to appear in any of Panini's products any time soon so I was happy to grab this Leaf Army signature; that product his proved valuable in the past when it's come to landing cards of some of the more obscure Wolverines.

I'm glad to end my showoff of 2016 purchases with this post, but before I'm done I have one more milestone to celebrate:  with today's haul I've eclipsed the 200 mark for unique players in my football collection by moving up to 202 thanks to today's newbies.  While I'm excited to add to my collection any way I can, it's especially fun to find something of a player I haven't yet acquired and making things even more diverse.  And that's how I'd like to close the book on last year.

Now that I'm caught up on this stuff, stay tuned for trade packages--January was a great month!--and more, including some fun eBay scores.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

2016 COMC purchases: Hart, Henne, and Woodson

My penultimate 2016 COMC pickups post features three of my four main football PCs (with the other, Mario Manningham, featured a couple posts ago).  Let's all take a gander at cards of Mike Hart, Chad Henne, and Charles Woodson!
Hart is up first, and you already saw the second and third cards here in previous posts--Mike's 2008 Topps Letterman RC and his Mini from 2009 Topps Magic.  New to the bunch is a 2008 Topps Chrome Copper Refractor (#012/425) parallel of his rookie from that set.  You don't see copper very much as a parallel anymore but Topps gave it a go a few times in the 2000s and I think it actually looked pretty nice.

These three give my Hart PC a total of 108 cards.
I'm showing off Woodson next since Henne is the star of today's show.  In Chuck's case, I scored a pair of parallels from the 2000s.  First up is a 2000 Score Scoreboard insert (#0356/2000), a numbered version of a base card featuring the all-time great DB during his first stint with the Raiders.  The other is another Refractor (w00t!) from 2009 Bowman Chrome, and as usual that effect looks fantastic on this design.  I love the photo of Woodson as he appears to be returning yet another pick (one of his 65 career interceptions), maybe even for a TD--he did take 11 back to the house.  This is a great shot of him with the Packers, with whom he'd finally earn a ring the year after this card came out.

A pair of cards gives Woodson a new total of 114.
As I said, Henne's our star today, which is no surprise as he continues to be my favorite Michigan Football player to collect.  First up is this six-card bunch, and again, you've already seen two:  the third and fourth cards which are his 2008 Upper Deck Icons RC (the final one I needed to complete all of his first-years) and his 2009 Topps Magic Mini).  In terms of the others, #1 is the Blue version of his Prestigious Picks insert from 2008 Playoff Prestige (#0346/1000), a shiny college uni card.  The same description works for the next card, Chad's base from 2008 Press Pass Legends Bowl Edition (#294/299).  Panini's Plates and Patches makes its first of three appearances here with a Gold parallel (#44/50) from the 2010 product.  And speaking of gold, the final card is a Gold Zone parallel from Panini's 2014 Hot Rookies offering (#37/50).  As usual, I leaned towards numbered cards in my chase this time.
I also chased as many new hits as I could find (and afford).  From 2008 Leaf Limited, one of my favorite products that year, I found Henne's Gold Spotlight patch auto (#24/25), which features a beautiful three-color Dolphins jersey patch.  That's not the last patch card you'll see today!

Next I have three different issues from another 2008 favorite, SPx.  The first and third images show a couple variations of Henne's base set appearance; card #3 is what's considered his RC in the set, and that triple jersey/auto is numbered #298/599.  Meanwhile, #1 of that group is a Gold Holofoil Rookies version that keeps the same design but replaces one of the swatches with a piece of football, and it's also much rarer at #12/25 (hey, that's a Christmas card!  Gavin, if you find me another of these I'll happily swap you for it!).  Those two bookend a Triple Patch card--with an excellent four-color piece representing the "P"--as part of the Rookie Materials set, numbered 10/25.  That's lots of cards /25 today!

After those I have a pair of examples of more Plates and Patches cards, this time from 2011.  Another quad-colored patch card is paired with an autograph on a Jersey Autographs Prime Jersey Number card (#2/5!), and in this case I think it's safe to call this "prime jersey" a patch.  That ridiculously rare (and beautiful!) card is joined by one that includes "only" an autograph out of the Signatures Silver set, and it's similarly rare at #04/10.  Looking at all of these together makes me wonder how I got this many amazing Henne cards for so little!

Last up is the only non-numbered hit of his, a 2008 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs signature.  This is an autograph of his I've wanted for a while, and in this case I just had to wait a bit until the price was right.

A nice group of hits bumps my Football Collection total of Henne up to a crazy 98, a number that keeps him head and shoulders above the rest, and puts him very close to an exciting milestone.

One mark I did manage to break with this bunch, however, was 200 unique cards in his overall PC--a total of 201, in fact.  What's crazy is that almost half of those are hits!

And while we're talking about football hits, stay tuned for my final 2016 COMC pickups post "soon".

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2016 COMC purchases: Puck U

We're less than two weeks away from the Super Bowl and I have enough COMC pickups content for two more football posts, but I didn't want to forget the pair of hockey purchases I made as well.  There's nothing wrong with that anyway as we're smack dab in the middle of the NHL season!

I didn't go too crazy with hockey purchases this time--I mean, I already said I only grabbed two cards.  But it still ended up being fairly productive as I decided to target some players for whom I had zero hits.  After figuring out who those players might be, which meant scanning through a list of Michigan Hockey alumni who made one or more appearances on hits--who said it would be this much work?!--I came up with this pair thanks to the always helpful Be-A-Player product:
This here is Blake Sloan's signature from 1999-00 BAP Millennium, my sixth Wolverine player from that set.  Sloan, a RW, was a four-year player at Michigan (93-94 to 96-97) and was part of the first of two NCAA title-winning teams in the 90s.  He went undrafted and then spent parts of six seasons in the pros with Dallas, as seen here after his rookie campaign, then Columbus, Calgary, and back to Dallas.  Sloan then spent most of the rest of his pro career in the German Hockey League (DEL).  He actually has a few other hits for me to chase, which I might try to track down eventually, but I'm happy to add him to the collection with this nice autograph.
I'll forgive anyone that doesn't remember the one mention of Cam Stewart I could find in a search of this blog courtesy of a trade package from Condition Sensitive.  I didn't go into much depth about the Canadian LW in that post other than to mention he was from Kitchener, ON, like Doug.  Since he's officially joining the hockey PC today I'll point out that he was a Wolverine for three seasons:  90-91 through 92-93, and put up 41 goals and 119 points while in Ann Arbor.  Boston took him with the final pick (#63 overall) in the third round of the 1990 draft (a few spots before fellow Wolverine Chris Tamer, actually) and he spent most of his career, parts of four seasons, with the Bruins, adding stops in Florida (99-2000) and Minnesota (2000-01, his final season).  As with Sloan, I'm happy to have him as a new guy in the PC!

Today's additions give me a total of 47 different players in my hockey hits collection, and I won't stop even when I get to 50.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2016 COMC purchases: THIS IS TMM

I'll get to today's cards in a minute but first,
happy 86th birthday to 1955 University of Michigan graduate James Earl Jones!  Jones' legendary acting talent and voice have brought joy to millions over his long and illustrious career.  Baseball fans will remember him from a couple movies focusing on the sport:  Field of Dreams and The Sandlot.  Of course he's also voiced #1 top villain Darth Vader in five Star Wars movies, the infamous Holiday Special, and the Star Wars Rebels TV show, as well as Mufasa in one of Disney's biggest hits, The Lion King.  All of that is a mere fraction of what he's accomplished and doesn't even include his stage career.  Needless to say, he's one of the school's most famous alumni, and I look forward to a chance to hear him speak live as the University celebrates its bicentennial this year.

I knew I had to post these cards today because not only does the title work as a play on JEJ's trademark station identification of CNN as well as this here blog and its namesake, but that particular player wore a particular number while in college:  86, or the same number as Jones' age!  Of course I'm talking about Super Mario Manningham:
So here's two pages' worth of new cards of the New Math, Mario Manningham, courtesy of COMC:

2008 Bowman Blue (#443/500), 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Next Generation Gold (#102/500), 2008 Leaf Certified Materials Certified Potential Mirror (#438/500)
It's the start of some serial-numbered insanity with these three numbered inserts from Mario's rookie season of 2008, all coincidentally numbered to 500.

2008 Leaf Rookies and Stars Crosstraining (#0560/1000), 2008 Playoff Contenders Playoff Ticket (#16/99), 2008 Press Pass Legends Silver Holofoil (#172/499)
More numbering, but a bit more diversity in print runs this time.  This group includes two of my favorite cards in the bunch:  the Playoff Ticket and Silver Holofoil parallels.  The former is a fun insert to look forward to yearly while the latter is from one of the coolest looking college products, and the holographic foil even applies to the stamped numbering on the back!

2008 SP Rookie Edition (#194), 2008 Upper Deck Icons Class of 2008 Silver (#063/750), 2009 Topps Magic Mini
The SP card is my first of Manningham's three throwback variations from that product and is the 1993 SP version.  Though I don't hold Icons in the highest regard I was happy to add the Class of 2008 insert as another numbered card.  And you already saw the Magic Mini in yesterday's inserts pickup post, but now I'm officially adding it to Mario's PC.

2010 Topps Gold (#0114/2010), 2011 Certified Mirror Red (#176/250), 2011 Finest Xfractor (#056/399)
As you can see I went pretty heavy on numbered cards and parallels in my quest for too many Manninghams this time.  The Gold parallel is my first such card of Manningham, though he's got a few others for me to chase.  New York's colors look great on the Mirror Red parallel, another typically excellent insert.  And while I don't have a standard Refractor to show off today, I did track down an Xfractor, which again looks great with the Giants' colors.

2011 Panini Gridiron Gear Gamebreakers Gold (#008/100), 2011 Panini Gridiron Gear Silver X's (#197/250), 2011 Timeless Treasures (#348/499)
This group includes today's other horizontal card which is a parallel of an insert, one of several parallels of a base card, and a numbered base card.  All happen to come from 2011 Panini products.
2012 Topps 1965 Mini, 2012 Topps Camo (#195/399), 2012 Topps Prime Gold
Last up is a 2012 Topps product trio, and all cards picture Manningham with his second and final NFL team, the Niners.  I thought the "Mini" card, done in the "Tall Boy" style, would be a fun add.  I found a numbered Camo parallel from the same flagship product that year.  And finally, I'm betting I assumed the Stadium Club-like Prime Gold card was numbered as I probably would have ignored it otherwise.  I hope Mario made that catch but it looks pretty likely that he biffed it.

Again, a happy birthday to stage and screen legend and Michigan alum James Earl Jones, who is Mario Manningham years old today, and welcome to my collection to 18 new Manningham cards!