Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Check out my Blowout: Day 4: a Silk and a Patch

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Now that Jeff has covered all the stuff I sent him with four great posts (here, here, here and here), I'm back with another of what will be many CoMB features.  I decided to mix things up today and pick two cards from different sports because they're both pretty cool and I thought people might like to see them together for some reason.
Clayton Richard 2009 Topps Silk Collection (#31/50):
This is the first of what will eventually be a Michigan inserts collection.  I really like Topps' Silk inserts and think they're a rare great idea among the mostly idiotic ones they've come up with recently.  There's just a lot to like about getting a spiffy mini silk version of a base card enclosed in a thick, standard-sized card with a window that even includes a hole so you can--GASP--touch the card.  And if you're so inclined, you can even cut that sucker out of there and free it from its cardboard prison.  If not, you can enjoy a nice display piece, complete with serial numbering.
I'm hoping Clayton is the first of a few Silk Michigan alumni I pick up because I'm aware of a few others, including Rich Hill and Jake Fox.  Keep an eye out for those over here sometime, because I might make it a priority to get them before long.

Shawn Crable 2008 SP Rookie Lettermen patch auto (#05/66):
My 7th Crable is easily my favorite.  I'd been after this one for quite a while since I discovered it existed, making my collection of the set of Wolverines temporarily incomplete (other than the myriad variations, of course).  Now I can say I have all five:  Adrian Arrington, Shawn Crable, Mike Hart, Chad Henne and Jake Long.  Also, I can use them to spell "I BEER," which is pretty cool.
The funny story behind this card is that it necessitated a second, much smaller COMC order--in all my other various purchasing, I actually forgot to pick this up, so after my original package came in, I nabbed this, along with the above Richard and a couple other cards you'll see eventually, plus something for a fellow blogger NOT named Jeff, which you'll probably also see fairly soon.

Stay tuned for more COMC goodness, and while you're at it, make sure you're following Jeff over on My Sports Obsession too.