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Check out my blowout: Day 5: Just like I Drew it up

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Today is a 100% baseball day, and will also be a relatively quick post because it continues to be ridiculously nice outside, with very un-Marchlike temperatures hovering around 80(!), meaning I'm taking advantage of it all I can and getting my pasty white ass outside.
 Drew Henson 2001 Fleer Platinum RC Lumberjacks bat
 Drew Henson 2002 Leaf Certified New Generation Mirror Blue bat RC (#40/75)
Drew Henson 2003 Bowman Futures Game Relics jersey

This trio of Drew Henson relics puts me up to five total cards of the former Wolverines two-sport star who ultimately chose baseball over a bright football future after Darth Steinbrenner from That School Down South lured him away with bags of money.

The Fleer bat relic has an extremely boring design and it's the card I'd run away from, screaming, if it wasn't a PC player.  It's kind of reminiscent of this year's Topps inserts that use the same sort of ugly, fading background photo.  The bat chip is sort of an afterthought and is awkwardly placed randomly in the center of the card, oriented in a diamond shape instead of a square for whatever reason.  It's somewhat understandable--relic cards were still fairly new at that point in that they were about four or five years old.  Still, YEESH, Fleer, maybe this is why you went out of business.

On the flip side, I very much like the Leaf Certified card for obvious reasons:  nice photo, serial numbering and OMG BLUE SHINY GOODNESS.  Leaf's Mirror parallels are famously popular and it's easy to see why.  This is definitely one of my favorite Hensons in either sport.

The Bowman relic is also a very nice looking card.  Bowman put out some solid, if not spectacular, Futures Game-themed relics in the past, and this one looks good to me as much as any of the others I've liked.
I looked into the 2002 All-Star Futures Game, since it's been almost 10 years since it happened; here's a few guys who played in that game:  Brett Myers, Brandon Phillips, Carl Crawford (USA); Francisco Rodriguez, Victor Martinez, Miguel Cabrera, Jose Reyes (World).  Not a bad group of players doing well today.

The baseball PC stands at 88 after these three with more to come, plus a few more hockey and tons more football to post, so stay tuned!

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