Monday, April 16, 2012

Check out my blowout: day 11: more Hart attacks than Bo

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Mike Hart is a guy that pops up a lot on this here blog.  If you don't believe me for some reason, check out all of these posts, one or more of which also abuse the lame "Hart attack" thing.  I don't need to go into why he's one of my all-time favorites for the 50th time, so on with the cards!:

2008 Bowman Sterling auto RC: 
Definitely a cool looking card of Hart doing what he did best--HOLD ONTO THE DAMN BALL.  Dude really didn't fumble much, 2008 Capital One bowl aside.  He looks like he's about to go beast mode like he did for four years in Ann Arbor.  I also have this Gold Refractor version.

2008 Leaf Limited auto RC (#043/299):
I have a bunch of stuff from 2008 Leaf Limited, but this is somehow my first normal base RC auto.  Totally fine by me, and it features another nice shot of Hart hard at work at his favorite job (as opposed to his other favorite job--blowing up defensemen as a blocker despite the fact that he's 1/3 of their size).

2008 SAGE2 auto (with Chad Henne):
I did think this one was a little goofy when I picked it up.  The theme of the SAGE Squared set, of course, is combos of players.  Because of that, I'm not quite sure why it isn't the case that they'd make ALL of the cards dual autographs, but that's ok.  This is one pair of teammates I'll always remember, and anyway, Hart has an excellent autograph, so I'll let it slide.

2008 SAGE Gold auto (#43/200): 
The last autograph of the day is this sweet SAGE gold version of a card I already had.  This is another example of a SAGE auto I like despite the oft-maligned sticker auto--specifically the sticker this manufacturer uses.  I now have 33 total Hart autographs, which is an awesome number to be at already. 

2008 Upper Deck Premier Stitchings College Logo Variation Silver manupatch (#11/30):
We'll end things with this very cool manupatch.  It's a little strange in that the player himself isn't depicted at all, and really this card could represent any Wolverine from the set (which is why I won't go hard after the other ones).  Still, it's a beautiful UM logo, it's Hart and it's a low serial number, plus I got a steal of a price on it, so now it's mine.

These five Harts bring me up to a sold 35, vaulting him past Mario Manningham into 4th place, one behind Braylon Edwards and two behind the second place Chad Henne.  Football's total runs up to 471 and the four sports now stand at 611.

Stay tuned for lots more--I sure hope you all love football!


  1. I was pumped when the Colts signed him, I figured in a year or two he'd be starting. It would be awesome. It didn't work out that way. I really liked him, and I definitely would have liked him to have more of a pro career. But that's ok, I'll always have the memories of his Wolverine career.

    1. Yeah, man, after the career he had in college, he looked like he could have been a solid RB for a while in the NFL. But like you said, we'll always remember him as one of the top Michigan backs ever.