Sunday, April 15, 2012

Check out my blowout: day 10: forever alum

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Today's post brings with it the last of the baseball stuff I picked up from COMC this time.  These are definitely among my favorites because all four feature players in Michigan unis, and one of them was among my most-wanted, knocking another high-priority card off the list.
Matt Miller 2010 Donruss EEE auto (#430/585):
This is only my second auto of the Milwaukee prospect with a great signature.  The first was this sweet Green Status version from the same set that I pulled from my multi-box break way back.  As with the next pair of cards, I may eventually working on getting all of Matt's versions--we shall see.
Ryan LaMarre 2010 Donruss EEE auto (#351/564)
Ryan LaMarre 2010 Donruss EEE Red Signature Status auto (#26/50):
I had been waiting to get either or both of these for quite a while...and waiting...and waiting....  But the price was never right for some reason.  As with other more obscure players I tend to collect (i.e. Rich Hill) for some reason LaMarre's prices were, in my opinion, higher than they should have been.  Fate smiled on me this time, though, as I was able to pick up this pair fairly cheaply.  LaMarre has a pretty cool signature, too, including his jersey number, which is always a plus.  A great baserunner, I hope Ryan gets called up to the Reds this season.
Ryan LaMarre-Matt Miller 2010 Donruss EEE College Ties dual auto (#30/50):
This is the one that was among my most-wanted, and if you've read my blog at all, you probably can see why--it's a pair of Michigan alumni in their Wolverines uniforms on a card that both of them signed.  This is another one that for the most part was out of my price range for far too long, but this time I made a reasonable offer that was accepted, and now this outstanding card is mine!

After reading this post, one thing you might have noticed is that my baseball PC total now sits at 99.  That's certainly not intentional--I'd rather have 100, or more.  Still, there's plenty of time for that, and I don't see it taking too much longer for me to hit that next major milestone.

Until then, stay tuned for lots more football stuff as I finish off the CoMB stuff and get around to scanning my other major purchase from the end of March, one that includes some big, big names.


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    1. Thanks! Maybe one of these days your Dodgers will draft a Michigan player and you'll really be able to appreciate these posts.

  2. I like the top 3 cards, but I really like that dual auto. You've got a monster collection of Wolverines that I would love to get my hands on. I love the signature over the block M logos. Would have been awesome had it been on card auto's but I still love it.

    1. Thanks--yeah, that's why I wanted the dual auto so much for so long, and the block "M"s really do stand out for me too. Fortunately the price was finally right this time!