Saturday, April 14, 2012

I wrote this post a Long time ago!

Despite the fact that this happens very rarely, I made another trade on the Blowout Forums last month.  You're only seeing it now because I've had lots of other stuff to post, mainly the CoMB stuff I picked up from COMC.

I made a bit of an effort to try to sell some things there last month, and while I had very little luck with this particular thread, one of my favorite forum members, from whom I'd purchased quite a few Jake Long cards in the past (he collects him a bit, along with some other teams in the state) wanted a couple Suh college jerseys I had, along with a Calvin Johnson jersey I also had available.  I was happy to negotiate a trade instead of getting a pittance in cash, especially because he was willing to let go a couple of Jake Long autos from his PC.  So for a song--a couple jersey cards of a player I can't stand plus a card I got for free due to a small snag with another Blowout member--I got these:
Jake Long 2008 SAGE HIT Silver auto:
I've said it before--I love the design of 2008 SAGE HIT's autos, sticker and all.  Old Jake has a nice, interesting signature and often adds his Michigan jersey number, 77.  I find it very cool that SAGE decided to show off players' pertinent stats and accolades from that season.  Plus, of course, all players are pictured in their college unis, unlike the sets from the past couple years.  I also have the base (blue) version, plus plenty more from that set's various products that year

Jake Long 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Blue auto (#056/250):
Just to rehash:  Heroes was an awesome Upper Deck production, like Masterpieces, of which we're now sadly deprived, but that makes me appreciate these all the more.  The design is fantastic, the photo is outstanding and the signature is awesome.  I'm now out of superlatives, so check out the card yourself and enjoy it!

For those counting at home, that's 44 hits of Long in that PC, and he's still the undisputed football leader.  I'm also up to 466 football hits overall, and 602 from all four major sports--as always, with tons left to be scanned.  I'll be back tomorrow with more on those.  Until then, for all who attended today's football spring game and those who love the Wolverines, GO BLUE!

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