Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blowout/COMC/eBay Blowout 2012: Day 7: IT'S OVERRRRRR

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Well, this is it:  the end of the 2012 blowout, and just in time for the end of the month.  I decided to just go ahead and show the remaining 14 cards all at once since I figured that would be a cool way to end a week's worth of posts.

These last 14 cards are the balance of the huge package I purchased from COMC which included a total of 31 new Wolverines PC hits for me.  The last couple posts featured a few of my all-time faves, Mike Hart, Chad Henne and Jake Long, but you'll see a somewhat more diverse group of players today.  And here they are:

Adrian Arrington 2008 Score Select Autographs Gold Zone auto RC (#21/50)
Adrian Arrington 2008 SP Rookie Edition '95 auto
Adrian Arrington 2008 Stadium Club auto RC
Anthony Thomas 2001 Upper Deck Game Gear Autographs auto
Braylon Edwards 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection triple patch (#08/30)
Jason Avant 2006 Absolute Memorabilia RPM jersey-ball-jersey RC (#480/849)
 Jason Avant 2006 Fleer Hot Prospects HP Auto Rookie Materials quad jersey auto RC (#251/999)

 Leon Hall 2007 SAGE Bronze auto

Mario Manningham 2008 Press Pass Legends Saturday Signatures Red Ink auto
Mario Manningham 2008 SPx Auto Rookie Jersey RC (#188/599)
Marlin Jackson 2005 SAGE Red auto (#121/999)
Shawn Crable 2008 SPx Rookie Signatures auto RC (#188/399)
Shawn Crable 2008 Upper Deck Signature Shots auto
Steve Breaston 2007 SAGE Bronze auto

Some thoughts on this last group of the blowout:
  • After hovering around 400 towards the end of 2011, I now sit at 430, putting me well on my way toward having 500 by the end of the year.  EDIT:  make that 431--in sorting through everything, I found a Jake Long I hadn't yet scanned somehow.  He's up to 42 now, leading all sports.
  • The three new Arringtons put me at 23 of him, all autographs.  I already had another version of the Score auto, but the SP auto is obviously today's winner--I mean, come on, look at the face he's making in the photo!
  • Only one new Anthony Thomas, but MAN is that a nice signature!  He's now up to a solid 14 hits. 
  • Only one new Braylon too, but it's an extremely nice triple patch, though it appears to be from a Browns jersey despite his appearing as a Jet on the card.  Make it 36 total for the #3 subject in the collection.
  • The pair of Avants were among my favorites this time.  The possession receiver is now up to 23 in my possession.
  • Just one new Leon Hall, but I do have its Red counterpart.  Hall is just one card shy of the 20-card mark.
  • Two new Manninghams, and both feature autographs.  The SAGE is my favorite because it's a great shot of him playing for us, plus the colors just work better than the darker, harder-to-see SPx, which is nice in its own right.  That's 26 cards of Super Mario as he prepares to be frustratingly ignored by Eli Manning's stupid face in the Super Bowl.
  • Marlin Jackson sure has a nice signature, doesn't he?  Unfortunately, this was from a year when SAGE didn't use a sticker that was less obtrusive and it really makes it hard to see the writing on it.  The injury-plagued Jackson finally hits double digits with his 9th auto.
  • A pair of Shawn Crables in Michigan unis would be good enough, but I can't say enough good things about the outstanding full-bleed photo on the UD card--it's extremely pleasing to look at, and though the autograph and its player aren't top-notch, it's easily one of my favorites of the whole package--bring back full bleed!  Make it six of Crable, by the way, all autographed.
  • Finally, I don't think I've ever seen a Breaston autograph this legible.  Seriously, look at the other ones I have!  Everything else is a variation on something to the tune of "SB," so despite being a SAGE card, this one has more of a premium feel to it.  That or a counterfeit feel to it.  But I'll just assume it's real, and anyway, it's an awesome Michigan uni action shot--what a great snapshot of a high-stepping Breaston.  This is my seventh autograph of him and eighth hit overall.
Well, as usual I hope you enjoyed seeing a bunch of my pickups.  It was fun having obvious, easy-to-use fodder for posts, plus adding exciting stuff to my PC, of course.  I hope to have more to show off before long, but one of my goals for the new year was to show some more fiscal restraint, and I've actually done well with that considering I dropped good money on the purchases that made up this blowout.  In fact, this month I haven't purchased anything else besides what you saw here, especially retail stuff, despite multiple opportunities to do so.  I'm happy to say that I've channeled a lot of energy into trades and that's really paid off both from a PC standpoint as well as my satisfaction with the hobby.

I do have a few more things down the pipeline for this here blog, so stay tuned as usual, and for now please let me know what your thoughts are on today's stuff, the blowout in general, or whatever else you'd like!


  1. Lots of great cards there. I'm not positive but I think I might have just bought you one of those Arrington autos. Going by looks, but you never know. Oh well, my bad. I should get the last of my purchases next week and I'll get some cards out to you, hopefully by next Saturday.

    1. No biggie--either send it to me and I'll find a home for it, or trade it to one of the other Michigan collectors who's also willing to take non Michigan-uni cards. Glad you liked the ones here, and I can't wait to see what you picked up--thanks for finding stuff for me again.