Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blowout/COMC/eBay Blowout 2012: Day 1

Happy Sunday, everyone!  It's been a great weekend of NFL playoffs with more action on the way this afternoon.  A quick note for those interested, these former Wolverines remain on teams alive in the playoffs (as of before Sunday's games):
  • 49ers:  Jonathan Goodwin (also coached by Jim Harbaugh)
  • Giants:  David Baas, Mario Manningham
  • Packers:  Charles Woodson
  • Patriots:  Tom Brady, Zoltan Mesko
  • Ravens:  None
  • Texans:  Tim Jamison
I'm pulling against the Giants because, honestly, who likes Eli Manning, or any Manning for that matter?  And obviously I hope the Ravens die a quick death for their anti-Michigan roster.  Now that Woodson picked up his ring last year, I'm 100% for the Patriots this year, and if they can't pull it off, I'd be fine with a Green Bay repeat, with a 49ers title in Harbaugh's first year a close third.  Go Blue in the NFL!

Now, onto card-related matters.  Those of you who are my more devoted readers might remember that around this time a year ago I was just finishing up a series of posts covering a plethora of cards I had picked up mainly via the Blowoutcards forums.  They were some of my most popular posts, and for some reason, day 2 remains my #4 most-read post of all time.

Well I have some good news for those of you that enjoyed last year's feature:  I've made a similar group of purchases, this time not only via Blowout, but also from COMC and eBay.  I'm happy to say that this year's haul should live up to last year's, and maybe even then some.  So over the next week or two, stay tuned for a blowout of Michigan-themed goodness courtesy of those three sites (not to mention eBay bucks and some Christmas money!).

Day 1 brought me cards from my all-time favorite Blowout seller, mdskyhawks.  This was my 6th purchase from the guy and I've been very satisfied each time.  I should even note that this order was missing one card--a Steve Hutchinson jersey--because he accidentally swapped in a Shaun Alexander relic, but he's already sent out the correct card and told me to keep the Alexander, which is excellent customer service.  He's always been easy to work with, his prices are excellent and his inventory is huge, plus his shipments always get to me quickly, so if you buy via Blowout, make sure to check him and his massive Buckets out!

So what did his latest package add to my PC?  Besides a bit of trade bait for a couple other bloggers, who should see those cards very soon, I nabbed these for myself:
Alan Branch 2007 UD Premier Premier Penmanship auto:  My 11th Alan Branch (all autos!) is this one, #ed 11/99 from one of UD's higher-end sets.  Interesting sidenote:  I have three multiplayer autos on which Branch is included.
Brandon Graham 2010 Crown Royale auto RC:  Brandon Graham #9 (8 autographs and a plate) is from the spiffy looking 2010 Crown Royale set.  I wish the sticker was more transparent, but the crown die-cut design looks great.  This is #d 150/249.
Braylon Edwards 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts Photoshoot Flashback Fabrics dual jersey:  I don't think Braylon EVER smiles for his pictures, and it's even funnier that he just has his rookie photo shoot jersey draped over his shoulder like he just doesn't care.  #d 030/350, (right in the middle, it's difficult to see, even in-person) this is my 34th Braylon, tying him for 2nd with the guy you'll see next.
Chad Henne 2008 Leaf Certified Materials Rookie Fabric of the Game jersey
Chad Henne 2008 Stadium Club Beam Team jersey:  This pair of Henne jerseys puts Chad, along with Braylon, at a very respectable 34, one behind currently leader Jake Long.  The Certified jersey is #ed 098/250 while the Stadium Club is unnumbered.  Between the two I still prefer the latter, though, because I really miss the always outstanding Stadium Club.  Topps puts out about 5,000 sets every year, yet they have to kill one of the few that's actually good....

Gabe Watson 2006 Select Inscriptions auto RC:  My fourth card of Big Gabe Watson is also my fourth auto/RC, and come to think of it, all of them are pretty shiny like this one, which is #ed 169/200.
Jake Long 2008 SPx Rookie Winning Materials triple jersey:  Yep, I always say it's not a purchase/trade package without something of Jake Long--had this one not included this very card, I'd have a three-way tie for first place in the PC!  I've never exactly been in love with some of the lesser versions of this Winning Materials set because the ones with a single relic on them end up looking pretty dumb.  A triple relic #d 03/75 is just fine in my book, though, so Long continues his death grip on first place with his 35th addition to the PC.

Shawn Crable 2008 Threads auto RC:  Finally, we end things today with just my 3rd Shawn Crable (all autographs in this case, too, which is cool).  #ed 265/299, this auto/RC ties in well with the Pats' victory over Tebow of Nazareth and his Broncos this weekend, even if Crable is no longer with New England.
The damage for these nine cards, plus the still-to-come Hutchinson jersey, (and the accidentally-sent Shaun Alexander, which I get to keep) plus a card that's already been shipped elsewhere, was a ridiculous $26 shipped.  That's why this seller is still my favorite on Blowout, and why I'll keep buying from him time after time.
Tune in very soon for some more blowout action!


  1. Nice! Very nice! Edwards is apparently not a happy individual. But I still loved him in the Maize and Blue.

    I'm rooting for the Patriots (Brady) after today. Although I do like one of the Mannings, I don't like the other. I'm sure you can figure out which ones. So we do agree on him at least.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, too bad Braylon is too much of a dumbass to have been part of the 49ers postseason run. And if another Manning never wins another ring it'll be too soon.