Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blowout/COMC/eBay Blowout 2012: Day 5: HART ATTACK

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Yep, went with the low-hanging fruit on the title.  So here we are, finally getting on with the football portion of my COMC package.  Part one will feature a single player, the one whom I picked up the most cards of this time:  Mike Hart.  You'll see eight great cards of one of the greatest Michigan RBs of all time, and if you were reading on Tuesday, you know what that means:  the 400th card has hit my Michigan PC!

I'm really excited to have hit that mark because about this time last year I had just hit the century mark.  That was fairly amazing too because before I started this blog I could have probably counted my Wolverines hits on two hands.  I'd like to send out a big thanks to every one of you who sent me something towards this awesome collection because, while many of them came from purchases, a ton also arrived to me from great traders like you who were nice enough to send them to me in return for my useless crap.  You guys are awesome, and this milestone is a testament to that.

Soooooo...on with the Hart attack!
2008 Absolute Memorabilia auto RC:  a thick auto/RC full of foily goodness and numbered 43/99.

2008 Bowman Chrome Green auto RC:  Like yesterday, in some ways the green is off-putting when you're talking about a Michigan player, but it works as a parallel for the '08 BowChros.

2008 Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor auto RC:  I've got a few Wolverines from this set now, and the Gold Refractors are definitely the coolest looking.  But even without that shiny gold goodness, these tend to feature some fun poses.  I like the action shot of Hart protecting the ball just like I'm amused by Jake Long's own version.  Very cool and #d a very limited 02/25.

2008 Finest auto RC:  It's kind of funny, I've had the XFractor version for quite a while but hadn't picked up this version until recently.  That trademark Finest chrominess plus Hart's sweet sig make for a nice auto/RC.

2008 SAGE Aspire auto:  Jeff's favorite #1.  I've said multiple times that while sticker autos aren't always desirable, I've always kind of liked SAGE's for some reason.  Of course, I've always liked SAGE because it tends to be cheaper and features college unis, at least up until a year or two ago.

2008 SAGE Autographs Red auto:  Jeff's favorite #2 from the same year but a slightly different set.  Doesn't Mike look pretty Barry Sanders-like here?

2008 SPx Super Scripts auto:  This is my least favorite of the bunch just because I think there's too much of one color or tone going on, but it's still a Mike Hart autograph and I like that much.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Autographs Blue auto RC:  Jeff's favorite #3.  Personally I think UD could have chosen a much better blue, but that's my only nit to pick with this spiffy Heroes auto.  That's definitely one of a couple UD-produced sets I miss (with Masterpieces being the obvious #1) because, take a look at this card and try not to pine for Topps having to compete with something like that.  We've got another great shot of Hart making a cut with a determined look on his face, and that's an on-card signature, by the way.  Add to that this one's numbered 005/250 and you've got a winner.  This was a close second to the Bowman Sterling for my favorite card today.

So add eight Harts to the pile and you get 407 Wolverines in the PC, not to mention 24 different Harts, all autographs.  Take a look at every one of them here if you have the inclination.  And stay tuned for part two (out of a likely four) of the football portion of the COMC segment of the blowout.


  1. Well how am I supposed to tell you my favorites if you already labeled them. To be honest, I just really like seeing Colts on your blog.

    Congrats on hitting 400! Truly a great collection. And you know I'm jealous of all those Michigan uniform auto's. And really jealous of all the above auto's because, as you know, Mike Hart is one of my favorites as well.

    1. Yeah, I sure had a tough time figuring out you'd like the ones with him in Michigan unis. Of course I should have taken into consideration you love the Dolts. Pro career aside, Hart's easily one of the greatest players to come through Michigan during my lifetime. Thanks for the well wishes, we'll get you to hit some major milestones soon too!