Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blowout/COMC/eBay Blowout 2012: Day 3: a bit of everything

Previously:  day 1, day 2

Welcome back to the 2012 version of the blowout.  I had intended to get to this post yesterday, but despite being a day off for me, I got sidetracked by other stuff.  No so today!

Up first is the remaining card from day 1's Blowout forum lot that accidentally didn't get sent to me before:
Steve Hutchinson 2006 Topps All-Pro Relics jersey:  Beggars can't be choosers when it comes to offensive linemen hits, especially if the player involved isn't Jake Long (sweet!) or Joe Thomas, the best at their position.  Hutch was one of the greatest OL in Michigan history and has a great shot at the NFL Hall of Fame even if his career ends after this season due to mounting injuries and age.  I guess a simple white swatch commemorating an All-Pro selection is fitting for a guy who plays at an unsung position but excels at it more than most.  This is my 3rd Hutchinson and 398th football hit to this point.

Now then, onto the first part of the ridiculous COMC haul:  hockey and baseball.
Andrew Cogliano 2007-08 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures auto:  This is my 3rd overall hit of Cogs, and my second autograph.  The former first-rounder is having a reasonably effective year for the Ducks in his first season with them, fifth overall.  He appears to be a bit lazy when he signs his name, but added an easy-to-ready jersey number, which makes up for it a bit.

Brendan Morrison 2006-07 SPx Winning Materials dual jersey:  This is my second such relic of Morrison, one of the greatest to ever lace them up for the Wolverines.  I really like how I ended up with three colors here, all of them sharp, but definitely highlighted by the scarlet, or whatever you'd call that red swatch.  Because they're my two favorite Wolverines hockey players of all time, I'm putting more effort into finding gems of Morrison and the next subject. 
Marty Turco 2009-2010 Be a Player auto:  Turco is easily the greatest goalie Michigan fans ever got to see, winning two national titles and setting the college hockey's career wins record with 127.  This is a beautiful autograph of his, and the fact that it's a sticker hardly detracts from its attractiveness because it's not very obtrusive.  The card is colorful and really pops, and it's paired with a fairly nice signature, including Turco's number, always a plus.  Three of my four Turcos are autographs and I plan to bolster that number quite a bit when all is said and done.
Bill Freehan 2001 Topps Archives auto:  Hooray for more Freehan reprint autos!  This is one of those times Topps did that thing that annoys me where they take a multiplayer card and blow up one player's picture to make it the only one on the card.  I realize Freehan is the focus if that card at this point, but I'd rather see it in its original state.  Imagine how cool it would be if Topps redid the Molitor/Tram RC and had both guys sign it--or even all four!  Anyway, I'm certainly happy to have another beautiful Freehan signature, my fourth overall.
Zach Putnam 2008 Razor Letterman Dual-Color "A" patch auto
Zach Putnam 2008 Razor Letterman M patch auto:  These two, with the "A" #d 13/20, give me five total Razor Letterman patches of Putnam, the newest Colorado Rockie.  These are actually reasonably abundant, but rarely are the prices rooted in reality, especially when you go over to eBay and find asking prices starting around 2-3x book value without even taking into account that these get about 1/4 book value in the real world.  That said, these two were just fine price-wise, and I may start working on getting his name plate in one or more of the versions.  I'm 1/3 of the way to the base and /20 version, so those may actually be reasonably possible.  I don't see myself going after the 1/1s unless something crazy happens, though.  Either way, these are tons of fun to have.
Zach Putnam 2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects Gold Refractor auto:  Here's my favorite from today's group.  This bad boy, #d 18/50, give me four different cards from this rainbow.  Well, that and it just looks outstanding--gold improves the overall look and Putnam's sig looks excellent.  I may add these to the rainbow/PC projects soon as I have some leads on a few other versions.  For now, getting three new Putnam autographs in a day is worthy of celebration alone.

Today's cards give me 398 in football, 81 in baseball and 22 in hockey, along with my three basketball hits, for a grand total of 504 Michigan PC cards.  That's a fun milestone to hit, especially with the 400-card barrier soon to fall for football, as soon as I get around to scanning and posting them.  And yeah, I'm as shocked as you that Rich Hill wasn't involved today!

Tune in tomorrow (or very soon) for a couple more days of the blowout, including a split-up look at my football haul from COMC.


  1. Dennis, some nice pickups here, especially the Morrison jersey card. I have a 07-08 Black Diamond Marty Turco jersey card (black swatch) if you are interested. Email me at rmitchell6700 at yahoo to let me know....thanks,

    1. Thanks--I'd definitely like to get more of his stuff as well as the other hockey players. And I do want that Turco, so I'll work with you on that.

  2. Nice pickups! Putnam has a really nice sig.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, he does, that's why I'm happy I have a few of them now. I hope he does well in Colorado.

  3. You know I like the Razor Putnam's. Nice pick-ups.

    1. Yeah, maybe I'll put together a name plate or two someday!