Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Blowout intermission: getting organized with Google Docs

Here's a quick post just to show off a little project I did this morning to get myself more organized.  Up until today, I was keeping my Michigan PC stats in an Excel spreadsheet stored on my Dropbox so I could get to it from anywhere.  I decided that was sort of decent, but not as useful and high-tech as it could be, so this morning I ported everything over to a Google Docs sheet, which can be accessed publicly right here, as well as from the "Oosterbaan Fieldhouse" sidebar on your right.

While this should be more useful to me, ("yay clooooud...") I hope it's of some value to some of you too, either out of interest in my PC, or because it interests you in doing something similar with your own PC.  I realize quite a few of you already use either this method or something equally as useful such as Zistle, but for those of you who don't or are more tech-challenged, I thought this could be both insightful and a way to use my day job skills to be helpful.  Plus, now I can do cool stuff like this:

Not bad, eh?  So if any of you find this interesting, or would like help setting up something similar, or just want to put in your two cents, please leave a comment below!

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