Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blowout/COMC/eBay Blowout 2012: Day 4: 399

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Today's post will be a quick one, mainly because today was a busy day for me and I haven't had time to scan the rest of the COMC haul, plus this single card arrived today and I thought that was perfect timing.  So, straight from the Blowout forums for $10 (from a guy who had one bad review out of five, accused me of not having paid him despite proof to the contrary, then took forever to ship the card), here's the latest member of the blowout crew:
Braylon Edwards 2009 Playoff National Treasures Signature Patch auto:  As soon as I saw this manupatch/auto, I knew I had to have it, despite the confusion (I share with some of you people) of seeing a Michigan patch for a Michigan player wearing Spartan colors on a card featuring Spartan colors.
Approves.  Also, WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "YOU PEOPLE"?
Anyway, despite the untrustworthiness and general dumbassery of the seller, I was willing to risk $10 on getting this card and it looks like that has paid off for me.  This is my 35th Braylon card, briefly tying him for the football PC lead with Jake Long, at least until I eventually get to the COMC stuff.  It's also my eighth auto of the erstwhile 49er (and maybe future Lion or Patriot I hope I hope) and better yet, my 399th football PC hit.  Granted, I have a surprisingly large stack from COMC to deal with, but that's a fun place to stop for the day.  

And it's also fun to commemorate the moment with such a cool card.  This is sort of one of those like-it-or-hate-it manupatches, but of course I love stuff with Michigan's logo on it, and Bray-Bray's auto is a nice bonus.  Plus, it's #d to 25, which multiplies the awesomeness by at least a factor of 10.  It's also worth pointing out that it goes well with these cards of Chad Henne and Mike Hart, with the Henne being the better comparison since it also features a nice Michigan logo on it.

All that said, I really do promise to get the COMC lot up in two or (more likely) three pieces over the next few days because I'm certainly excited to show those off.  As nice as it is being able to milk this blowout for all its worth for subject matter, I really should try to get it done by the end of the month considering I received this stuff a while ago.  So, stay tuned for that, and in the meantime, feel free to drop some comments about this card, the rest of the blowout or anything else that you might like.  And now, I'd like to close with an image that goes well with Braylon's pose up there:  Brady Hoke doing what he does best:


  1. I'm with you, I like anything with a Michigan logo.

    1. Then you'll like a few of the cards I post tonight!