Friday, January 27, 2012

Blowout/COMC/eBay Blowout 2012: Day 6: Long on Hennes

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Yep, we're still chugging along on the mega 2012 blowout.  Today is part two of the football portion of my most recent COMC haul, and it features two more of my favorite Wolverines:
Chad Henne 2008 SAGE HIT Gold auto (#48/250)

Chad Henne 2008 SAGE Red auto 

Chad Henne 2008 SPx Super Scripts auto 

Jake Long 2008 Absolute Memorabilia RPM jersey-ball-jersey RC (#103/199)

Jake Long 2008 Finest auto RC 

Jake Long 2008 SAGE HIT auto

Jake Long 2008 Upper Deck Icons Rookie Brilliance auto (#172/199)

Jake Long 2009 Score Inscriptions auto (#319/499)

Jake Long 2009 Score Inscriptions Gold Zone auto (#48/50)

Just a few thoughts here:  first, three more Hennes gives me a solid 36 Hennes, including 16 autographs.  The six new Longs tie him for Rich Hill for number one in any sport at 41; an amazing 25 of those are autographs.  As of this post, the PC stands at 416, though, spoiler alert, I've already updated the stats in the sidebar along with the Google Docs sheet so I can put everything away; you'll see the rest very soon.

In terms of the Hennes, I'd say the SAGE Gold auto was my favorite--the hand numbering alone was nice, but it's a nice shot of the Michigan legend along with some of his impressive numbers.  The SPx, like the Hart yesterday, was my least favorite, but it's still a solid Henne 'graph.

As for Mr. Long, I was actually most excited about getting another of his RPM cards (besides his autographed and "prime" versions) but I really do like the blue of the SAGE auto.  The Score Inscriptions make for a nice pair as well.  The Best Pose award goes to the Brady Hoke-esque Finest auto/RC.

I still have 14 cards left to post and will likely split those up into two last posts, but maybe not depending on how ambitious I'm feeling.  Though these two most recent ones have covered three of my favorite Michigan Men, I promise there's plenty of good stuff left over that some of you will find interesting.  And yes, Jeff, a few of them feature Michigan unis--we look out for our own here at TMM.  I'm hoping to finish these up soon because I have some excellent trade post content upcoming!


  1. All your doing is making me jealous.

    Make sure you update your Picassa galleries because I've started doing a little shopping of my own for you. And myself of course.

    1. Thanks, buddy. Everything is up-to-date as of right now, and I'll make sure to keep it that way. I'm excited to see what you end up with again, especially since I'm not picky at all when it comes to Wolverines like I am with the other stuff I collect. I'm interested to see what you get for yourself too.