Monday, January 30, 2012

A $30 a Week Habit trade post: and Turco was his name-O

In keeping up with my resolution to be a better and more frequent trader this year, Robert of $30 a Week Habit/Serial Numbered Insanity and I completed another trade.  The timing was excellent because I was already going to be sending him more numbered cards for the latter blog when he let me know that he had something that would fit one of my PCs perfectly.  I made sure to add some nice stuff to his package, which you can see in this trade post, and in return he sent me this:

Hockey hit #23 is my fifth Marty Turco and second relic of the former stud Michigan goalie, a 2007-2008 Black Diamond jersey.  This is really an aesthetically pleasing card for me for some reason, maybe because the color scheme really works with the photo and relic swatch.  I definitely consider it an upgrade over my other Turco jersey card, which is from Pacific and therefore predictably inferior to one this well done.

I now have a new destination for my unwanted Blue Jays AND a potential pipeline for Michigan hockey hits.  
Thanks again for the trade, Robert!


  1. All the Black Diamond jersey cards from that year are excellent pulls. I'm glad that this one found a good home.

    Looking forward to our next trade..

    1. Thanks again, dude, I am too. I should still have some useful Blue Jays stuff for you, if nothing else, and who knows? Maybe I'll dig up more numbered cards too.