Sunday, July 1, 2012

Down with IPP: day 5: a premier group of the finest elite players I know

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Continuing part of a theme established in the last post, and mainly since I knew Jeff would appreciate at least a few of these, here's four more great cards featuring three of my favorite players from the 2008 class:

Adrian Arrington 2008 Finest Blue XFractor auto (#12/30)
Because I've so often seen this photo on other 2008 Arringtons I own, I could have sworn I had more of the Finest samples, but this is actually only my second!  Including four plates, there's actually nine, which could make for a fun, if nearly impossible project.

Chad Henne 2008 Elite auto RC (#093/199)
Mike Hart 2008 Elite Turn of the Century auto (#053/100)
This is a pair I was definitely happy to grab, especially given the prices I saw for each of them online.  The person I brought them from was thoughtful and fair about his prices while I chose the ones I felt I could afford and most wanted, so out of the total $300 price I somewhat overpaid for some, but also came out with steals like these two.  I love some of the Elite designs that Panini has done over the years (you know, when using actual logos and unis is possible) and I'd argue that they knocked it out of the park here, but of course I'm a sucker for well-done Michigan uni cards.  There's a few other players represented in the various auto sets and I may seek them out at some point as well.

Mike Hart-Chad Henne-Adrian Arrington 2008 UD Premier Premier Trios triple auto (#18/25)
And here we have the heavy hitter from today's group and clearly one of the best of my haul.  When you start getting up to three autographs on multiplayer hits, prices start approaching a level of absurdity few besides Apple could appreciate.  Hell, it's taken me a while to appreciate just how much of a steal I got on the four player card you see on the background of this here blog.  In some ways, this one is even better as it omits the not-as-great Crable, a defensive player who doesn't exactly fit with three other offensive players.  The horizontal orientation with autographs to the right of solid shots of each player is picture perfect, and the low numbering is icing on the cake.  I have a couple other grand slams to show off in upcoming posts, but this is definitely a top-five card from what was obviously a huge boon to my PC.

A few notes as usual:
  • Arrington hits 29 cards, all autographs still
  • Hart inches closer to Henne and another milestone at 39
  • Henne overtakes Braylon Edwards for second place at 42
  • 536 total football hits
  • 689 hits from all four sports, with more to come from several sources, so stay tuned for #700
Back soon with more IPP fun, stuff from BA Benny and who knows what else?


  1. Sorry, behind on my blog reading.

    That is a slick looking triple auto. As well as the Henne and Hart. Even though they aren't in their Michigan uni's, I really like the triple auto.

    1. Thanks! Like I said, I think that triple rivals the background of this blog because it doesn't include Crable. Why they didn't make a quad that included Long or Manningham I don't know. Anyway, you've gotta like it at least a bit since Hart's pictured as a Colt there!