Saturday, June 2, 2012

Down with IPP: day 1: a trio of Triple Threads

Hi again, everybody, and sorry for taking so long getting a new post up; it's been a busy couple weeks, especially with Memorial Day festivities, plus the usual work business, going on.  As promised, though, I'm finally getting to a new feature that I hope all of you will enjoy.

As I mentioned a few times, I decided to show of my Wolverines collections on #1 Michigan sports blog MGoBlog a few months ago, and besides getting some kudos, a few people contacted me about buying and trading.  One of those posters happened to live very close to me, so I got to meet him in-person (I know, very un-internety of me, but I do venture outside sometimes) and choose from a huge and impressive assortment of hits he was looking to unload.

A couple hours later, we had a deal:  I had a fat stack of mostly high-end hits and he had $300 of my money in his PayPal account.  Yes, that's definitely the most I've ever thrown down for a non-case sports card purchase, but considering what I picked up (and the fact that I had the cards in front of me, which made it harder to resist), I feel I was justified--obviously, it's my money, plus I had just made a huge sale over on Blowout.  That purchase inflated my spending for the month of March, which ended up being more than January and February combined.  I've since been more responsible, though, especially thanks to my effort to get my average monthly spending down to something more reasonable.

Anyway, the result of that purchase will be another series of "Here's a bunch of sweet Michigan stuff I bought!" entitled "Down with IPP" (yeah, you know me!), a reference to this huge In-Person Purchase.  Today you'll get to see three similar cards in the first post of the series:

David Harris 2007 Topps Triple Threads Sapphire triple jersey auto (#07/10)
Jason Avant 2006 Topps Triple Threads Red triple jersey auto (#06/18)
Steve Breaston 2007 Topps Triple Threads triple jersey auto RC (#36/99)

You all know I complain about Topps all the time but still acquire lots of cards they produce.  Well, that's mainly because they're still the biggest producer of cards, but also due to the fact that I actually DO like a good amount of what they make, I'm just not stupid enough to shell out my money on their boxes/packs anymore.  As a Michigan collector, I'd be thrilled to pull any of these three cards, but I have a feeling the average collector who just put down $150+ on a box of '06 or '07 Triple Threads would cringe to pull most of these.

Not me, though!  All are at least variations, if not the exact versions, of cards I previously had on my UM singles wantlist.  Like I said, I consider these to be fantastic looking cards, and all are technically triple jersey/auto/RCs except for the fact that only Breaston's meets the inconsistent Beckett requirements to be called a true "RC."  Honestly, I don't really care since these three are among my preferred players in my PC.  Therefore, let's just leave it at me saying I'm very happy to have these in my collection because they're outstanding hits of three of my favorites.

So how about some milestones?  Well, not a lot today since we're only talking about three new cards, but here's a few to chew on:
  • David Harris:  18 cards (still all autos!)
  • Jason Avant:  25 cards (the 8th player to reach that mark--oh wait, that was his college number!)
  • Steve Breaston:  11 cards, including his 10th auto
  • 519 football hits
  • 665 overall Michigan Sports hits
Stay tuned for several more posts from this feature, including a couple very exciting cards I'm purposely saving for the last couple posts!

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