Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Jake Long Blowout

More Blowout stuff?  More Blowout stuff, courtesy of one of my all-time favorite sellers who was shedding a bit more of his PC (which is heavy on Jake Long), to my enormous benefit:
Charles Woodson 2010 SPx Winning Materials patch (#065/125):
Only my third Woodson, but it's a doozy:  a gorgeous Michigan jersey patch, which I have to assume came from a number or the nameplate or something.  Very cool!

 Jake Long 2008 Bowman Sterling jersey auto:
One of my favorite Long posed photos, I already have a jersey and auto versions, so now I also have the version where they smashed the two together.  

Jake Long 2008 Topps Rookie Progression Rookie Autographs Blue auto (#018/299):
These are a bit simple in most ways but I still like the looks of them, especially this Blue version.  I also have the same card in Red.   

Jake Long 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition auto RC: 
I've actually got a bunch of UM players from this set, though I'll have to see if I have them all; it's definitely an outstanding set, so well done, Upper Deck!  Incidentally, this makes 49 different Jake Longs for me, meaning he's overtaken Rich Hill for the all-sport PC lead, plus he's about to become my first 50-card club member.  Hooray for more milestones! 

Mike Hart 2008 SAGE Aspire Century Club auto (#44/100):
We close out today's haul with our fourth different Michigan uni card out of five, which we here at TMM like to call "A pretty damned good day."  If you were to look up "Mike Hart" in the encyclopedia, this is very likely the exact photo you'd see of him.  Make it 36 of the former Heart of the Wolverines. 

Until next time, good night and GO BLUE!

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