Monday, June 11, 2012

Trade package from MCM and a card show report (6/3/12)

Sorry to everyone for going more than a week without a post; things were unusually busy around here, including a weekend trip to Rochester, NY.  Now that I'm back, I wanted to finish up my card show report (baseball version here) from last Sunday, but first I want to highlight a sweet (and unexpected) trade package from Adam of My Cardboard Mistress:

Football galore!  There's a ridiculous mix of players and sets here, though my favorites are the pair of die-cut Press Pass inserts of Navarre and Joppru.  Besides that, I'm especially excited to get my first cards of David Molk and Junior Hemingway, and in Michigan unis, no less!  That's not all Spankee sent, though:
Here's a goofy oversized Upper Deck Chris Webber card.  I laughed when I pulled it out of the package and unfolded it since that meant it had a huge crease in it; let's all face it--Webber more than had that coming to him for the tarnished legacy he left at Michigan.  A fun card to add to my PC, though.  And then the biggest hit of the envelope:

Tyrone Wheatley 2001 Ovation Training Gear jersey
Sweet!  That's my first Wheatley relic, with my other hit of the star RB being this auto.

A big thanks again to a guy everyone knows to be an excellent trader and a great sport (who doesn't welsh on his bets!).  Adam, I'm happy to report that I'll be responding in kind very shortly as I happened to pick up a few things for you recently.  As for the rest of you, make sure to stack up some Verlanders (not all of them--save some for me!), Uptons (both), David Wrights, Ryan Zimmermans and VaTech Hokies for one of the best bloggers you'll ever know.

Card show report:

As I said, I covered part of last Sunday's haul over on TMG/V, but today you'll finally get to see a few more pickups that are most appropriately displayed here:

First up is this Bill Freehan auto that I already posted on the other blog, but of course also fits in over here.  I bundled the Freehan with a few more Tigers at a seller I knew to be a Michigan State fan and who was an enormous asshat (sorry, being redundant).  I still picked them up anyway because the difference in price wasn't much, and I mean the guy surely needs to sock away some money to buy a new couch the next time the Spartans win or lose or tie something.  Besides that, though, I picked these up as well:

A Dan Dierdorf 1973 Topps RC.  That, of course, made it into this album.  I may be able to get one in better condition, but for a bit more than a buck, this HOF Wolverine came home with me that day.

This Braylon Edwards 2009 Donruss Elite Prime Targets Prime jersey (#45/50).  Pretty cool because of the blue on it (Pen?  something else?  I have no idea where that came from, before or after pack-out.) but especially because I have the non-Prime version.  41 Bray-Brays and counting!

Here's a Jon Jansen 1999 Press Pass auto.  Jansen, a former star tackle, is the 76th different member of my football collection, and I'm thrilled that my first hit of his is a gorgeous on-card auto with an action shot of him at Michigan (wearing the same number as fellow star Jake Long, no less).

Finally, a Marlin Jackson 2005 Press Pass SE jersey (#258/700).  Picking up my 11th hit of the former star Michigan DB is a great time to highlight a recent story about some good he's doing now that his career is over--making sure future NFLers don't make poor decisions that could haunt them later.

Stay tuned for slightly more regular posting soon, including more on the Down With IPP series!


  1. Despite my being a great blogger, I completely missed this post! The Webber is a prime example of what happens when a kid has an oversized card and no way to store it.

    1. Seriously, when I opened that up I was like "HA, that's what you get, Chris Webber!" You probably miss a lot of things because you're too busy, um, "gardening," with the Vicks.

  2. I have to get me some of those cards with last years players on them.

    1. Yeah, you really don't see those very often anymore--the team favorites who might still get drafted but won't excite many collectors, and in their college unis, too. I'd hate for Topps to do such a thing...