Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Down with IPP: day 2: TK-OH!

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Today on day two of Down With IPP I have five new TK Legacy autos.  It's a set I obviously enjoy very much considering my collection, what with its sweet on-card autos and excellent shots of Wolverines wearing the Maize and Blue.

Cato June 2003 TK Legacy auto 
Harlan Huckleby 2002 TK Legacy auto
Jamie Morris 2002 TK Legacy auto
Rick Leach 2005 TK Legacy auto 
Stan Edwards 2004 TK Legacy auto

June is a player I've been after forever, so I jumped at a chance to grab this sweet auto.  Huckleby, a former track star and RB, hailed from Detroit, a fact which is as cool as his name.  Morris was an extremely talented, record-setting RB in the 80s.  Leach, whom you might remember from this post, was obviously a multi-talented athlete, and the prototype for future Wolverine Drew Henson.  Edwards is a former Michigan and Detroit Lions RB who's better known as Braylon's dad (you can kind of see the resemblance there).

What do these five cards have in common besides their main set?  All represent new players in my PC!  I'm now up to 81 different subjects in the football section, and 675 cards overall in the four major sports.

Tune in again soon for more exciting IPP action!


  1. Dhani Jones looks like Stan Edwards!

    1. Maybe a little bit--like if he were to wear a bow tie.

  2. Very jealous of the Leach card. I only have a few of the these cards myself and the only auto is Bill Dufek. I need to get more. Both of my parents went to U of M and I got to go to a game in the early '80's. Saw Anthony Carter play. Only one game because we moved to Georgia in 1976.

    I've decided to work on a Leach baseball card collection.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the TK's are more of a regional find than anything, I think. Good luck on the Leach collection, I look forward to seeing it. Glad you got to see AC play--I missed out on a lot of legends due to my age.

  3. Replies
    1. Seriously, why is it so hard to find Cato June stuff these days?!