Monday, July 2, 2012

Down with IPP: day 6: four winners and a fumbler

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First of all, I promise that these are (probably) the last TK Legacy cards you'll see for a while.  I couldn't pass them up, though, because a few of them were new player additions to the PC.

Drew Henson 2003 TK Legacy Quarterback Collection auto (#96/150)
The first of the five is the titular "fumbler," QB Drew Henson, who fumbled away his chance at a great Wolverine legacy by turning to the Dark Side.  Still a very good college QB, though.

Bob Chappuis 2002 TK Legacy 1947 National Champions auto
Bump Elliott 2002 TK Legacy 1947 National Champions auto
Glen Steele 2002 TK Legacy 1997 National Champions auto

Tai Streets 2002 TK Legacy 1997 National Champions auto

And now for some winners!  Chappuis sadly passed away a couple weeks ago but was an outstanding HB/QB who won the '47 and '48 titles with the Maize and Blue, finished second in the '47 Heisman voting and, as his card notes, made the College Football HOF in 1988.

Chalmers "Bump" Elliott, a.k.a. "Super Nintendo Chalmers," was a HB as part of the same 1947 "Mad Magicians" title team alongside his brother Pete.  10 years after graduating for Michigan he would be the Wolverines' head coach until some new guy from that state underneath us that smells funny took over and did some stuff.  Elliott eventually retired to a life of admiring the Aurora Borealis localized entirely within Skinner's kitchen and gorging himself on steamed clams hams.

Though he doesn't look it, Steele was happily a member of Michigan's most recent national championship team as an All-America DE, and he had a kick-ass name for a fearsome defensive standout.

Streets is a sort of familiar sight on this blog now that I have a few of his cards.  He was a clutch WR at Michigan who caught two 50+-yard bombs in the '98 Rose Bowl.  His pro career wasn't as celebrated, but as this set attests, he'll always be remembered as a huge part of that 1997 national championship.

And now, on to the numbers!:
  • Chappuis, Elliott and Steele bring me up to 84 unique subjects in the football PC
  • Henson now sits at four cards, all autographed
  • Streets splits his new total of four cards with two autos and two relics
  • Football moves tantalizingly close to a new milestone with 541 cards
  • All four sports inch closer to 700 with a new total of 694
A few more IPP cards, plus my haul from my recent trade with BA Benny, should bring some more interesting content to your blog reader very soon!

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