Saturday, June 30, 2012

Benny's back and I'm feelin' like a trader again (part 1)

As I vaguely alluded to back in this TMV post (which was actually also a trade post), I recently received a pretty large trade package that I'd soon be showing off.  Today I finally have the time to start making good on that promise.

As everybody knows by now, all-star blogger and trader Mike G. of BA Benny's Stuff and Also Other Stuff made his triumphant return from a year-long absence, and I was especially happy about that because I had a stack of Yankees, Mets, football Giants, Jets and Saints plus a bunch of other stuff coming up to about my armpits practically, and I had been looking forward to our next trade.  I was able to send him that stuff a couple weeks ago, then the other day, my haul arrived, and today you'll see the first part of it.  I should have two posts (including this one) covering the Michigan portion of it, then two or three TMV posts to show off the rest (Lions and Tigers).

Today will be a relatively short post but it still includes some nice Michigan base cards:
This is a pretty sweet collection of QBs, plus former Wolverine LB Jonas Mouton and star WR Derrick Alexander.  There's definitely a lot here to like:  a numbered Brady, a rare (for me, at least) Mouton (#d to 999), an old-school Alexander (nostalgia-inducingly numbered "1 of 2500") and a bunch of Hensons I didn't have, including the Topps Magic mini, definitely my favorite of the whole group.  Magic is one of those sets that Topps briefly knocked out of the park:  a very nice artistic design combined with players in their college unis.  As Topps inevitably does, they screwed it up this year in terms of how it's packaged and distributed, but that can't change the fact that they're responsible for some of my favorite football cards ever, especially the autographs I have, such as this B.J. Askew.

In terms of the Wolverines Mike sent over (as well as the total number of cards, really) this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I'm looking forward to showing off the rest over the coming week.  Thanks again for a great trade, Mike, and welcome back!

EDIT:  part 2 is now here

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