Friday, June 22, 2012

More cool stuff thanks to a trade with Jeff

Jeff let me know that he had a couple things to send my way, and today they arrived in my mailbox:

Alan Branch 2007 SP Authentic Draft Day Ink auto

Unbeknownst to Jeff, I already have this one, but I'm happy to include it in my football trade bait for any fellow Wolverines or football fan.
Rich Hill 2006 Topps Triple Threads dual jersey auto RC (#060/225)
Now THERE's something I can use!  I already had Gold and Sepia versions of this card, but now I finally have the one that's considered his "(RC)" (seeing as how he had an actual RC four years before that).  Jeff picked out an excellent copy with dual pinstripe swatches, and I couldn't ask for a better version.  Kudos to Jeff for sending me a card of a Cub, the best equivalent for me having to be sending him my Colts.

Thanks to this great hit, my Hill collection stands at an amazing 48, trailing only overall PC leader Jake Long by two.  Speaking of the overall PC, that number currently totals 685, with more always to come.  Thanks again, Jeff!


  1. I thought you'd like the Hill. I didn't show it to my son, though he might steal it. Lol

    1. Yeah, I don't mind giving him some stray Cubbies, even some hits, but I'm not beneath swiping some Rich Hills from someone younger than me! If you get him into collecting a bit more I can keep an eye out for them around here since they're less likely to cost much because I'm not as close to Chicago.