Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Benny's back and I'm feelin' like a trader again (part 2)

In Part 1, I covered all of the cool Michigan base stuff Mike G. sent my way.  I also did a post showing off all the cool Lions and Tigers stuff I got out of the deal over on TMV.  Today you'll see the balance of that trade package featuring some really nice Michigan hits.  Really, between both blogs I could have put together about three or four more posts if I was more fastidious about splitting things up, but I decided that showing things off en masse might be more fun in this case because it really gives you an idea of how large BA Benny trade packages can get!  That said, on with the hits:

The doubles:
By the time we completed this trade more than a year after we started it, I had already acquired a few of the cards he said he had for me.  Though I waffled on whether or not to take them, Mike was cool and sent them anyway, and in the end I'm glad he did because 1)  they weren't ALL doubles like I thought, and 2)  this gives me some more good Michigan trade bait.
Matt Miller 2010 Donruss EEE auto
 Brandon Graham 2010 Crown Royale auto RC (#239/249)
Brandon Graham 2010 Rookies & Stars Longevity auto RC (#179/249) 
Braylon Edwards 2005 Upper Deck Portraits Scrapbook Materials jersey
 Jason Avant 2006 Bowman Sterling jersey RC
I had to laugh about the two Grahams because I now have THREE in my football trade bait album.  The Miller will likely end up going to Jeff since he's in a Michigan uni and all, but please feel free to make offers on that and anything else here all the same.

The sort of double:
Sort of because I already had one of these, but I actually really prefer the one Mike sent to the one I already had, which was a bit holier and not nearly as interesting.  That's another "double" I'm glad he included.
Jake Long 2009 Bowman Sterling jersey (#112/999)

The new stuff:
The rest of this stuff was all new and very useful.
 Braylon Edwards 2006 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey jersey
Chad Henne 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Jersey Collection jersey 
 Chad Henne 2008 Bowman Sterling Large Swatch jersey (#260/309)
 Chad Henne 2008 SAGE Gold auto (#171/200)
 Jake Long 2008 SPx Rookie Winning Materials dual jersey (#15/99)
Jason Avant 2006 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Rookie Jersey jersey (#60/99)

A few notes now, per usual:
  • Braylon moves up to 42, Henne to 45, Long to 51 and Avant to 26
  • 701 total hits from all four sports.  WOOOOOOOOOO!
  • 647 football hits means yet another milestone shortly, especially after I finish the IPP stuff
  • The SAGE Henne was my favorite card in the entire package that I posted on either blog--it looks awesome in Gold and I love the goofy mouth-guard smile he's got going on a la The Godfather
Well, that's finally it for this enormously awesome and awesomely enormous trade package.  I'd like to once again extend a huge thanks to Mike for yet another great swap and a hearty welcome back!


  1. You know which 2 I like. I need to get a Henne auto and more baseball. I really like the Michigan baseball jerseys, I plan on hitting those up first at the garage sale this year. Like you were smart enough to do last year.

    1. Well, one of them is all yours if you want it, but you're definitely not getting my favorite! Yeah, they have some great jerseys--I'm gonna check them out again this year but I may just try to go for a gray one since I already grabbed three last time. Can't wait to try to pick stuff up from there again, and maybe actually get an autograph this time too!