Saturday, July 7, 2012

eBay bucks pickup: another step up the Hill

While I realize I have some catching up to do with trade posts and the last couple IPP write-ups, a single card arrived in my mailbox today and I realized it would be easier to just post that and procrastinate when it came to the other stuff.

I used my tiny amount of eBay bucks I earned recently to make an eBay purchase of a card that appeared at a great time for me to pick it up.  I somehow made the only bid, and thanks to my bucks it came to me for under $5, an absolute steal considering I'd seen it on eBay and COMC for almost ten times as much!  The card?:

Rich Hill 2006 Ultimate Collection auto (#099/180)
This is one of Hill's highest-end "rookie" autos ("rookie" thanks to his 2002 Bowman/Chrome Draft issue, which I'm fine labeling his true RC) and a fine new member to my Hill PC.  I'm even more excited to pick it up since I already have two of the four printing plates of this very card!:

One other major note:  you already know that Hill is my main baseball focus and that he's head-and-shoulders above the rest of my baseball PC players, but he now sits at 49 hits!  Very soon he'll be able to join football stalwart Jake Long in my 50-hit club, which I'm definitely looking forward to.

Stay tuned for more of my trade posts, IPP stuff and maybe even a bit more very soon.