Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2016 trade package #13: SCFtDS is one of a kind!

Hmmm, three of my last trade packages came from Doug at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  Who could this latest one be from?  Oh, it's Doug!  And not only are the cards he sent even more high-end than usual, they're also part of the 40th package I've shown off on this here blog, which is just crazy!  If you don't believe me just check out all of my posts tagged with his name.

By the way, based on today's exchange rate I think that puts him at 1.31 of a kind Canadian.  Anyway, let's look at some cards!
Nik Stauskas 2014-15 Immaculate Collection Rookie Jumbo Tags Printing Plate Cyan (1/1)
Nik Stauskas/Glenn Robinson III/Mitch McGary 2014-15 Immaculate Collection Quad Materials Printing Plate Black (with Gary Harris) (1/1)
Here's a pair that easily rank as "Didn't see those coming!" candidates--well, sort of, as I was able to guess the second one based on some hints he passed along to me.  Incredibly, my first two hits of Nik Stauskas, a.k.a. Sauce Castillo, come courtesy of this pair of plates from 2014-15 Immaculate.  I'm pretty sure that's a first in my collecting life.  Anyway, I would have been happy enough just scoring a simple relic of the talented guard who was a Kings first-rounder in 2014, but that's not how Doug rolls.

And one Wolverine wasn't enough as he managed to dig up a plate with three recent Wolverines, throwing in GRIII and Mitch McGary, along with former Spartan Gary Harris because reasons?  That aside this second plate is extremely cool thanks to the college connection, and it gives me three hits of those other two guys.

One other interesting note:  just about anyone who's held a plate knows they're light, thin cards.  Not so with these versions from Immaculate, which are likely as thick as the relic versions, if not the others in the product, likely to prevent pack-searching.  The extra heft makes these already interesting cards even cooler.

We're not nearly done here, though--I mean, we haven't even talked hockey yet!
Shawn Hunwick 2013-2014 National Treasures 2012-13 Panini Prime Printing Plates Yellow (1/1)
The four-player plate was what I considered the most interesting card of the package, but this is the one I was most excited about since I supercollect Hunwick.  While I don't have as much luck tracking his stuff down as I'd like, I've built up a decent collection, and Doug was nice enough to send me what's now my hockey collection-leading third 1/1 of the former netminder.

This one proved to be a bit tougher than usual to identify because it's not listed in Beckett's catalog, plus it was actually inserted into a 2013-14 product, National Treasures, despite being a plate for a 2012-13 Panini Prime card.  Glad I've got that all sorted out!
John Madden 2001-02 Parkhurst 2002 Chicago Sportsfest 1-of-1 (1/1)
Brendan Morrison 2002-03 Parkhurst 2003 Chicago Sportsfest 1-of-1 (1/1)
And to finish up our five-of-a-kind/one-of-a-kind post, here's a couple more 1/1s, stamped convention card-style.  Also it doesn't hurt that a couple of my favorite former icers, John Madden and Brendan Morrison, are the subjects.  If you've been collecting for a bit, especially recently, you've likely seen this type of oddball pop up from time to time.  While I don't know much about SportsFest and can't easily back up the authenticity of their "one-of-oneness" these cards are a fun, cheap way to add that type of hit to your collection.  And you definitely can't go wrong with an iconic hockey name like Parkhurst.

My third hit of Madden ends up being my second 1/1 of him, and the other also came from Doug!  Morrison joins in the milestone fun with his 25th hit, which is still eight behind leader Marty Turco, but I'm happy to land my first 1/1 of him.

And that, folks, is how you send someone not one or two but five 1/1s of someone's favorite team.  Incredible, generous, amazing stuff, Doug--thank you!  I'm reloaded and ready to fire back as soon as you give me the green light that your post office is no longer trying to out-lazy their American counterparts--a war they could never hope to win, eh?

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