Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016 COMC purchases: rookie blue is coming for you!

As I sit writing this post, fewer than 16 days stand between Michigan fans and the season-opening kickoff against Hawaii.  Let's celebrate with some rookie cards of my favorite college's former stars!
A few notes for those of you who are sticking around past the scans (thanks for reading!):
  • Only four Michigan uniform cards (Breaston, one of Terrell's, Thomas, and Watson), but sometimes them's the breaks
  • 15 of these 27 are numbered, and with most of them hailing from between 2000 and 2007, that makes a lot of sense
  • No new players today, but there are very, very few for whom I don't have anything yet
  • Players completed today:  Cato June (4/4) and Taylor Lewan (21/21)
  • Of the rest, Henne is the next closest to completion--I'm missing just one of his 22 first-years; Manningham is second as I'm short just two
  • Speaking of Henne, that's the 179th card I've added to his PC so far
  • I now have 970 different cards in this collection, good for about 71% of the cards produced as of this writing
And finally, a point that's so obvious it doesn't need a bullet,

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