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2016 trade package #9: I Doug these Expo cards from SCFtDS

Buddy of the blog and #1 trade partner Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store was at it again in April, sending me another awesome Wolverines-centric trade package.  Seriously, if you're a college fan and you're not trading with my Canadian neighbor, you're missing out.

I believe some of the cards in this post made their way to me via the yearly Expo Doug so expertly takes advantage of, especially the hockey content.  Here's four sports worth of an Expo explosion of cards!
Baseball is represented today by Abbott and Larkin.  Don't ask me how I didn't have the '91 Donruss Abbott as I really don't know, though I never collected that set otherwise.  The Hometown Heroes card from 2013 is very cool as well, and it makes me long for the days when the Angels simply went by "California."  Bonilla and Larkin make a nice pair of '90 NLCS foes, and of course Barry's team won it all that year.
From Basketball it's another pair of players, in this case NCAA and NBA title-winner Glen Rice plus Chris Webber.  Rice's RC hails from the notable 1990-91 Hoops set, which is about as ubiquitous as any junk wax-era set.  The Classic card Webber appears on is interesting not just because it's a college action card, but because of this:
It's a promo from the 1993 National!  That's one way to one-up the standard promo card.
Michigan is best represented as a football school despite the success of the school's other sports, and here's one of the program's all-time greats, Anthony Carter, on a '91 Score card.  He wasn't the only gridiron alum in the package, though:
Zeno Karcz 1963 Topps CFL
Leave it to Doug to once again hit me up with a CFL card starring a former Wolverine.  It's a bit trick to find much about Karcz, a Toronto native, as it appears he only played one varsity season in Ann Arbor before moving on to junior football and the CFL.  This poorly-spelled CFL profile of Zeno is a bit more informative and lists his stats as a LB and RB, the latter of which is his position of record on the card's back.  Karcz played 10 seasons for the very successful Hamilton Tiger-Cats and won three Grey Cups with that team before returning to his junior team as a coach.  Here he is on a very cool vintage issue courtesy of Topps, who was actually producing CFL sets back then!
Denard Robinson 2013 Panini Contenders auto RC (#206A)
Denard Robinson 2013 Prestige Prestigious Picks Materials Gold jersey (#166/399)
The post's first two hits are both of recent college QB sensation Denard Robinson.  Doug let me know that the Contenders rookie auto was coming because he pulled it himself from a hobby box of that product back in March.  I don't really open boxes and packs like I used to, but if you can't pull a PC player, there's still some excitement in landing a guy someone you trade with collects, so that must have been fun.  As usual, the set's design looks very cool, and I love the signature.

Meanwhile, the Prestige jersey was a nice surprise.  These days sometimes all you get is a plain white jersey swatch smaller than a postage stamp, so I like the above-average Jags teal(?) piece of fabric here.  The scan makes it a bit difficult to tell that this is the gold version, but the rectangle that includes almost all the text and the swatch is that color while the rest of the card is a foily silver.

This pair gives me a very nice total of 24 hits of Shoelace for my football PC, and I can't wait to continue adding to that total. 
And at last we come to the hockey content--and why not, considering the crazy number of players the program has sent to the NHL.  Scan #1 includes five of them:  hockey Mikes Cammalleri and Knuble, talented rookie center Andrew Copp of the Jets, a hat trick of Carl Hagelins (Bork!), and D-man Jack Johnson.  Hagelin's had a nice playoffs for the Penguins, whom I'm sort of reluctantly rooting for with the Wings already out.
And here's five more players:  Johnny Madden, Jeff Norton, Max Pacioretty, blog favorite Marty Turco, and a mini of enforcer Mike Brown (which I opted to include at the end to make the scans look better).  I don't have a ton of cards of Turco with the Hawks since he wasn't with the team very long, so that was a fun addition.  If I can get more bunches of his cards I may scan them all someday.

Chris Brown 2013-14 Panini Prime quad jersey auto RC (#056/199)
And now for the hits, starting with this outstanding quad Coyotes jersey/auto of Flower Mound, Texas' own Chris Brown, which is my eighth hit of the young center.  Now I'm not saying Doug is entirely responsible for my collection of Brown hits, I'm jus--hey wait, he is responsible for all eight of them!  Yep, sometimes it's just not a SCFtDS package without this player.  Here's the trades that contained the other seven:

Nice job, Doug--keep 'em coming, please!

Carl Hagelin 2013-14 Fleer Showcase Uniformity dual jersey (with J.T. Miller)
Hagelin's fourth appearance in today's post is thanks to this dual jersey card from a few years ago, back when he was still with the Rangers.  I don't know much about Miller, who seems to have had a good year for New York, but Carl and his beautiful blue swatch (did you think I was gonna say "eyes"?) are the headliners here.  I now have six hits of the Pens winger.

Jacob Trouba 2013-14 Panini Playbook First Drafts Signatures auto and 2015-16 Upper Deck Game Jerseys jersey (#GJJT1)
I wasn't booing, I was saying "Troooooooubaaaa!"  The talented young defender's prices must have come down a bit because I wasn't within sniffing distance of Trouba's autograph after his top-10 draft selection and jump to the pros.  Thankfully my Canadian buddy/friend/guy sent me my first signature of Trouba along with a new quarter-sized Jets jersey swatch from this year's UD.  I'm thankful for both and definitely glad to have an auto of Trouba while I can; this pair gives me five hits of him.

Marty Turco 2009-10 Between The Pipes Autographs auto
And last but definitely not least, oh hi again, Mr. Turco!  I'm wondering if Doug found one of these for himself since the goalie mask/auto combo is right up his alley.  Fortunately for me, anyway, he sent this one to me, and I'll be happy to admire it for the same reasons.  I'm grateful for the Be-a-Player and In the Game products for giving me plenty of hits to chase of the unsung guys I like to collect, like Turco and his fantastic signature--with jersey number inscription!  Marty leads my hockey PC with 32 hits, and I have a feeling Doug's not done adding to it.

And while we're on the subject of hockey hits, I'm just one card shy of the 200-card milestone.  Do I have anything in-hand to get over that hump?  Stay tuned!

Mr. Corti, thanks again for hitting many of my PCs as you're always able to do.  I don't have much on hand for you right now, but I do have the beginnings of another epic response.  SOON.

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