Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 trade package #14: Sick Cards From the Dollar Store

Well it's another month and another trade with Doug over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store!  February and April are the only months in 2014 where I didn't receive something from him, but this is still his sixth this year and 19th(!) overall for this blog.

Fueled by repacks and other acquisitions, here's what Doug sent over the border this time:
First up is an eight-spot of basketballers, including Jamal Crawford, Gary Grant, Glen Rice, Rumeal Robinson, and Loy Vaught.  I'd call Rice my favorite modern player, though that could change depending on what some of the more recent draftees accomplish.  Can't go wrong with the guy that won you a title, though!  Dig those crazy early 90s Skybox designs while you're at it.
The football portion was even more generous, which is great since I much prefer it to basketball.  He found eight different Tom Brady cards to send my way, and some day I really should sort through them and see just how many unique cards of his I have.
Continuing with football I ended up with five new additions.  I like the design of the Henne in his latest uniform (and I hope he holds off the Bortles hype train for a bit).  Des and McGee are Golds from '94 Topps, and I'm especially thankful for the McGee since I really don't have much of him.  The trippy '91 Fleer is a second-year of former Michigan WR Greg McMurtry.  Last up is a pretty good SAGE HIT of Denard, much better than some of their recent designs for sure.  That's not the only Shoelace from the package, though:
Denard Robinson 2013 Bowman RC
This is the fourth different Denard RC in my Michigan Football Rookies collection, and just the second that I'm listing as a "Michigan uniform" card, with the other being his more suspect '13 Score issue.  It's funny to me that Topps seems to have airbrushed the "wings" off the helmet but kept the rest of Michigan's easily identifiable uniform, so it still ends up looking reasonable, especially compared to the ridiculous versions found in this year's Bowman set.
Denard Robinson 2013 Panini National Convention Tools of the Trade Towels
Oh yeah, and THIS Denard was in the package too.  Doug sent a scan to me a while ago and I've been looking forward to receiving it since.  As far as manufactured relics go it's actually kind of a fun idea.  I wouldn't want this to be one of my promised box hits and I certainly wouldn't pay much for it, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy in my collection, especially when you consider cards like this Braylon manupatch.  Bonus points to Panini for picturing the player holding the item on the front of the card!  And big ups to Doug for putting me at nine Denards and counting.

Here we have an uncharacteristically low number of hockey cards, including an MVP of Jack "JMFJ" Johnson, plus a beautiful Elite RC of Aaron Palushaj (#229/999) which comes from the same set as this auto.  That doesn't mean he was slacking on the hockey portion of the package, though, since these were also included:
Chris Brown 2013-14 Score Hot Rookie Signatures auto
This is my third hit and second auto (all of which I think came from Doug) of Brown, a Coyotes draftee who was sent to the Caps earlier this year and scored his first NHL goal in limited action.  Score put out a very nice looking set last year, and sticker or no, this is an excellent card, my new favorite of the native of Flower Mound, Texas.
Aaron Palushaj 2011-12 Panini Contenders auto RC (#518/800)
Continuing the Panini trend is this shiny (at least in the Firefly sense) rookie auto of Palushaj, a native of my hometown of Livonia, Michigan.  He was drafted by the Blues, played for a while with the Habs, and finished last season with a pair of appearances in Carolina.  I now own four of Aaron's hits--three autographs and a quad jersey/auto.
Jacob Trouba 2013-14 Dominion Mammoth Jerseys Prime patch (#25/25)
And here's the biggest hit of the package.  Last time we traded, Doug sent me my first hit of the immensely talented Trouba, this Crown Royale jersey.  This time he one-upped himself with a beautiful oversized ("Mammoth" does apply here) patch he pulled from one of several boxes of last year's Dominion.  Doug, shut up and take my money and buy all the boxes so you can keep pulling me Wolverines!

And believe it or not, that's not all he sent!  Head over to TMV to check out some Tigers loot as well.

Thanks again for an outstanding return, Doug, and I hope you get the package I sent your way soon!  Readers, go get your repack fix over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store tonight!

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