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2014 eBay purchases: Go Blue or go home, part 5

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After a satisfying football win, why not end a lovely late summer afternoon with the last post in this series?  Here's the final nine cards from the 45-card TK Legacy M Go Blue auto lot:
Tim Biakabutuka 2006 TK Legacy auto
This is my 8th hit (and 7th auto) of Biakabutuka, the star of Michigan's upset of the 1995 Buckeyes and the Wolverines' single-season rushing leader since 1995.
David Hall 2006 TK Legacy auto
Hall was a backup QB from 1980-83 and appeared in 24 games over his last two seasons, tossing four TD passes and rushing for another.
Michael Taylor (QB) 2006 TK Legacy auto
Not to be confused with the Michigan LB of the same name, Taylor was a QB from 1986-89.  He started his final two seasons, and over 48 games compiled 17 scores through the air and another nine on the ground.  Michigan won Big Ten titles both years he started.
Rich Hewlett 2006 TK Legacy auto
Hewlett was a backup QB and DB from 1979-80 and 1982-83.  In 24 games as a QB his first two seasons he threw a pair of TDs (both in 1980).  As a defensive back in 1983 he recorded a pick in 12 games.
Curtis Greer 2006 TK Legacy auto
Greer and his amazing sideburns played for Michigan from 1976-79, and the DL was a defensive stud, compiling 48 TFLs over his four seasons.  The St. Louis football Cardinals grabbed him 6th overall in 1980 and he started for the team right away, finishing his career in 1987 having appeared in 94 games, 79 of them starts, with a total of 50.5 sacks in seven seasons.
Jim Maddock 2006 TK Legacy auto
Maddock, a Chicago native, was a QB from 1954-56.  Over 27 games during that span, he threw for a pair of TDs in '55, ran for three over his last two seasons, and caught one as well in '56.
John Henderson 2008 TK Legacy auto
Henderson was a WR from 1961-64 and appeared in 18 games over his junior and senior campaigns, grabbing 54 completions for seven total TDs.  Both the NFL and AFL came calling in 1965, the former being the Eagles in the 5th round.  John ended up with the Lions for the '65-'67 seasons, then Minnesota from '68-'72.  All told, the Dayton, Ohio native would put up 108 catches for 10 scores during his NFL career.
Ross Ryan 2008 TK Legacy auto
Ryan was a punter for Michigan from 2003-06, and generally was the starter for the 2005 campaign.  That's right, this set is so awesome a punter gets a card!  I remember Ryan a bit as his career somewhat overlapped my days at Michigan.
Russell Rein 2008 TK Legacy auto
Today's other "RR" is Rein, about whom I could find little, but he was listed as the third QB in '84 (Jim Harbaugh was the starter), and was with the team from 1983-86.  Man, today's group included a bunch of QBs, didn't it?

To say this 45-card purchase was a boon for my collection would be a massive understatement.  That many hits put me over the 900 mark in the football collection, plus it introduced a ton of new guys to that PC, and that total is now 184!  And most importantly, I'm now at 124 of the 185 autos in the set, which is way further than I thought I'd get with it for quite a while.

I hope some of you enjoyed this series, and now it's back to other purchases and trades shortly.  Welcome back, college football, we missed you!

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