Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 eBay purchases: Go Blue or go home, part 3

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Time for nine more TK Legacy M Go Blue autos as I try to get these all posted before Saturday's season opener!
Dennis Franklin 2003 TK Legacy auto
Franklin, Michigan's first black QB, is no stranger to this blog after I showed off his QB Club auto from the same product in this post, making this one his second hit in my collection.
Butch Woolfolk 2003 TK Legacy auto
Woolfolk was one of Michigan's better RBs of the 20th century, an extremely talented runner out of Milwaukee.  He starred at Michigan from 1978-81, and the "runner" label is apt since, besides compiling records and accolades on the gridiron, Butch was also a track star (check out his Wikipedia entry for his accomplishments in both sports).  The Giants took him 18th overall in 1982 after he was named the previous season's Rose Bowl MVP, and he played for New York, Houston, and Detroit over seven seasons.  His son Troy, a DB a few years ago, added their last name to the legacy of Michigan Football families.  This is my only autograph of Butch so far, but he has three others in the product.
Tom Curtis 2004 TK Legacy auto
Curtis (along with his outstanding sideburns) was a standout DB from 1967-69, meaning he was part of the legendary win over heavily-favored OSU during his senior season (and helped big time with two picks.  A true ball-hawk, he compiled records at his position left and right, and still holds the school's record for INTs with 25, which is especially impressive considering one Charles Woodson followed in his footsteps 20 years later.  Baltimore drafted him late in 1970, and though he was with them for just two seasons Curtis was part of the squad that won Super Bowl V.  His outstanding play in Ann Arbor ultimately landed him in the College Football Hall of Fame.  This card is his only hit.
Billy Taylor 2004 TK Legacy auto
Taylor is another former star RB from the mid-20th century, a player who was good enough to break multiple school rushing records (since broken) including yardage, and be named an All-American.  After an unenviable series of terrible family tragedies, Taylor, who was drafted by the Falcons in the fifth round of 1972, became mired in depression and substance abuse, a sad life that turned around remarkably 25 years later.  His book "Get Back Up:  the Billy Taylor Story" offers inspiration for those with similar problems, and now he runs a rehab center devoted to people with issues like his.  The subject of a tragic tale turned positive, Taylor is most definitely welcome to my PC!
Dave Brandon 2004 TK Legacy auto
Brandon was a backup QB for a few early 70s Michigan squads, but is more well-known these days as the head of Domino's pizza, politics, and being Michigan's most recent athletic director.  His legacy thus far has been mixed, and includes the hiring of head coach Brady Hoke (positive in my book) and alienating the shit of the football fan base and students since he's been here (for reasons too numerous to list).  Hopefully his "If it ain't broke, break it" philosophy will die a quick death and he'll listen to his customers, otherwise maybe we'll be rid of his ill-advised plans soon.
Dan Jokisch 2004 TK Legacy auto
Jokisch, a TE from 1988-90, was already mentioned in a previous post because I picked up a Michigan Mates dual auto from the same product that includes Dan and his brother Paul.
Chris Floyd 2004 TK Legacy auto
Floyd was a FB from '94-'97, and I showed off my first hit of him in this post, a TK Legacy card celebrating his participation on the '97 National Champion team.
Derrick Alexander 2005 TK Legacy auto
Alexander is probably a guy most who read this blog have heard of since he was in the NFL for nine years.  This is my sixth hit and third auto of the former star WR.
Yale Van Dyne 2005 TK Legacy auto
I can't find much on Van Dyne, who looks to have been a backup WR in 1990 and '91.  It's still fun to pick up a new PC member, especially one with such an interesting signature!

After another day of additions, my count for the set jumps the century mark to 106 with two posts left.  I'm also happy to note that my unique football PC subject count has moved on up to 167, especially because of this set.  Have a gander at my progress in the set so far as I put together the last two posts!

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