Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 trade package #8: Sports Cards Ate My Free Time

Welcome to the TMM portion of the great (in size and quality) trade package from Scott over at Sports Cards Ate My Brain.  If you haven't gone into a card coma yet, well, congratulations.  Scott sent me so much great stuff I didn't think I'd ever get it all scanned, and really I still haven't since I still need to get things labelled and such before putting them in my various PC albums.  That's exactly the type of complaint I like to have!

You saw Michigan star Barry Larkin over on TMV among the other players, and here you can take a gander at the rest of the Wolverines Mr. Sawyer so generously sent:
Here's a quartet of Jim Abbotts, led by an oddball Post card, which is followed by three more logo-less cards from Tri-Star Obak and UD Goodwin Champions.  All are new for me, so the unanimous verdict is:  awesome!
With a solitary hockey card and just a few from basketball I combined these sports into one scan.  I flat out loved the late 90s/early 2000s Black Diamond product and its colorful numbered parallels, and really how could I say no this shiny red gem of one of my favorites, Brendan Morrison?  He's joined by a pair of Cazzies, vintage and modern (Michigan uni!), a numbered C-Webb, and a couple recent RCs of "Sauce Castillo" and Mitch McGary.  Nicely done!
I rag on recent Topps stuff but it wasn't always the dreck it is today--witness this gorgeous relic card of basketball favorite Glen Rice from 2000-01 Gold Label.  Rice won an NBA ring that year to go with his NCAA title, and that was commemorated on this beauty of a jersey card with a nice Lakers purple swatch to go with the abundant gold around it.
Ok, we've covered the other three sports, so on to football!  Here are some inserts (and one base) of four excellent Wolverines, three of which appear in full Michigan regalia.  I love any new Woodson, and his Contenders card looks fantastic, but I can't help but give the crown to Wheatley's awesome photo with the back flying through the air as a male cheerleader looks on intently.
Here were some of the biggest surprises of this package:  vintage football!  Nunley, Rowser, and Seal all appeared in my recent Rookie Blue/-Out posts (which I hadn't posted when Scott sent them) while the remainders are guys I showed off but appearing on cards I most certainly didn't have.  I'm looking forward to adding these to my growing album of older issues of Wolverines in the pros!
Last up was a surprise pair of SAGE autos from back when that set wasn't forced to feature dull photos.  Number one was former Lions first-round tackle Jeff Backus, whom Detroit selected one pick after Seattle chose future HOF guard Steve Hutchinson, 15 years ago.  This one is numbered 658/900 and doubles my Backus hit total to two.
Aw yeah, new Hart auto!  At first I thought I already had this one, but as it's the "Non-numbered" version I most certainly did not.  It's another example of a SAGE design I can appreciate, especially thanks to the nice home game action photo.  It's my 61st hit of Hart, which is simply amazing.

Scott, I'm forever in your debt for all of this amazing stuff I was able to show off on two different blogs, and I still hope to return the favor somewhat, whether you like it or not.  Thanks for all these great PC additions!

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