Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015 trade package #14: going BuckStore wild on a Saturday night

If you're reading this post there's a good chance you've read the companion post I put up on TMV this evening that includes the other cards in this package (plus an explanation of why I'm posting later on a Saturday Night).  And if you didn't, welcome anyway!

I'm back once again with a new trade package from ::flips a coin:: Bob Walk the Plank  Sports Cards From the Dollar Store!  Everyone's favorite Canuck that spends a buck put together another work of art, so let's get down to business:
The basketball portion included THJ and a trio of Jamal Crawford issues, all of which look quite nice.  The top two are both from 2014-15 Prestige, the X-Fractor like card from 2014-15 Select, and the last is a Refractor (#d 12/99) from 2007-08 Topps Letterman.  It's still unreal to me how long Crawford has been in the league!
One of the two football cards I scored this time was Tom Brady's base from 2014 Topps Mini.  The card's size is as diminutive as the effect over- or underinflation of footballs has on the game, and if you're one of those that thinks his legacy has been "tarnished," well, I'll just sit here and laugh at your ignorance, my friend.  As an odd coincidence, the card pictures Tom Terrific facing the Colts!
Braylon Edwards 2007 Donruss Threads Silver Holofoil (#066/100)
Meanwhile, the other is this shiny new addition to my football inserts collection, and is a reminder of happier days when Bray-Bray was still in the league and too busy to make stupid comments about the state of Michigan's football team!

And here's where it gets real exciting:  the hockey stuff:
I scanned these alphabetically but I would have put Berenzweig's card first regardless; as far as I can tell this is my first issue of defenseman Andrew "Bubba" Berenzweig, who put up 81 points for the Maize and Blue between 1995 and 1999 and was part of two title-winning teams.  He was a fifth-round pick of the Isles and never got much more than a cup of coffee in the league, but his name and legend live on!  On this Score Select card from '94-'95 he's depicted as part of Team USA for that year's Mexico Cup, and better yet, the back notes his decision to attend Michigan.

Bubba's joined by numbered inserts of fellow D-men Jeff Jillson (#28/50) and Mike Komisarek (#085/100) and base cards of Brendan Morrison, A-A-Ron Palushaj, and Jeff Tambellini.

And then there's the big hits:
Chris Brown 2013-14 Dominion jersey auto RC (#136/299) and 2013-14 Panini Titanium Titanium Reserve Autographs auto
Chris "Deep in the Heart of Texas" Brown gets double-billing with a couple Panini issues from a year or two ago.  The first is autographed relic #1 for me and it also happens to be a very nice (and very thick) RC while the other is my third autograph.  All told I have six hits of Brown, and I believe I owe Doug some thanks for just about all of them!
Aaron Palushaj 2011-12 Panini Rookie Anthology dual jersey auto RC (#228/499)
Speaking of guys whose collections have been bolstered by Mr. Corti, I landed this gorgeous Panini RC of current KHLer A-A-Ron Palushaj, which is enhanced by a couple jersey swatches--including Montreal red (maroon?) plus a very loopy signature.  I can also claim six hits of Palushaj, with several of them coming to me from Canada.
Marty Turco 2003-04 Black Diamond Threads jersey and 2003-04 Private Stock Reserve jersey (#186/700)
I think everyone knows Doug's a big goalie (mask) collector so I really I appreciate when he sends me cards of Michigan's guys, especially my favorite, Marty Turco.  He picked a great pair here with the Pacific card being the clear winner thanks to its multicolored-ness.  Old Marty leads all comers in the hockey collection with 29 hits, 19 of which are relics like these.

Doug, as is always, and I mean always the case, I thank you for all the great stuff you've brought to my collection, and I look forward to sending a thank you package your way soon!


  1. Man, those are some beautiful cards. I think my favorite is the A-A-Ron!

    1. Thanks! Dough-glass knows how to pick 'em as always.