Saturday, May 16, 2015

2015 trade package #13: My Sports Obsession enables my PC obsession

I'm behind on posting, which means I'm even more behind on trade packages!

Here's a great one from fellow TMMer Jeff of My Sports Obsession.  Jeff let me know he was gonna send me some stuff for my PCs, and he sure wasn't kidding about that!  Check these out:
Barry Larkin 2003 MLB Showdown
I had just one other MLB Showdown card of Larkin before Jeff sent this one my way, and now I've doubled my collection thanks to this base from 2003.  It's my 276th different Larkin card, which is awesome.
Hal Morris 1990 Albany Yankees All Decade Best
Moving on to Larkin's old Reds teammate Hal Morris, here's a cool oddball/minor league card, #105 in his collection.  Hal's another pretty good Yankees prospect that got away, likely to the chagrin of Frank Costanza.
Michael O'Neill 2014 Bowman Chrome Mini Factory Set, 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects Series 2 Green Refractor (#40/75), Purple Refractor (#112/150), and Refractor (#393/500)
Here's where a lot of the PC help came in handy:  Jeff sent my four Michael O'Neill cards from 2014 Bowman Chrome products.  The first hails from the Mini Factory Set while the others are all rainbow Refractors from the "regular" version.  O'Neill has a crazy count of 42 cards between the various products and I now have six...oof that's a long way to go!  Thanks to Mr. Laws, though, I'm now over 25% of O'Neill's current run at 22/83.
J.J. Putz 2001 Royal Rookies Futures auto (#1967/6995)
J.J. Putz 2007 Topps Co-Signers Bronze (with Felix) (#023/275)
J.J. Putz 2014 Topps Target Red Border
Today's other multi-card player is pitcher J.J. Putz, who retired last year.  First, Jeff flipped me a Royal Rookies auto I was surprised I didn't have until I realized the one I own is from 2000 instead, plus I have the base version of the card.  I can't believe Putz had to sign almost 7000 of those!  That's my 16th Putz hit and 11th auto as well.

Next is another parallel from the '07 Topps Co-Signers set along with Felix Hernandez.  Of the 12 versions I now own a third of them, and I'll probably add more if the prices ever come back to reality since some of them aren't that hard to find.

Finally, speaking of Topps and its parallel-happy nature, here's the retail-exclusive Target Red card from last year's flagship set.  My progress on the flagship/Mini rainbow now stands at 8/18.

As for J.J.'s overall count, I have 189/327 of his regular run, four 1/1s, and five "others" (including the Royal Rookies cards referenced above) for a grand total of 198.  It's almost milestone time!
Brian Simmons 1999 Bowman Chrome Gold
Finally, Jeff added on to one of my more obscure PCs, former White Sox prospect Brian Simmons.  Since Jeff's a fan of the lame South Siders I do appreciate that he sent this my way.  I'm not quite sure why Topps decided to produce this parallel that year since the only difference is the signature appearing in gold, but that's Topps for you.  More importantly it bumps up my Simmons tally to 21/35 or exactly 60%!

Thanks again for all the useful cards, Jeff, and it's always fun trading with you!  Readers, please follow Jeff's collecting exploits at the following locations (besides occasionally on this here blog):


  1. The Larkin card, I accidentally won 2 of those around the same time so I didn't catch that I had placed bids on 2 of them. The Morris card was stuffer for another card that I won, it was just a throw in and I recognized him from this blog. Everything else I specifically got for you. One of these days, I'll get around to posting the cards you sent me.

    1. I still appreciate all the help from this package, especially O'Neill since his stuff is still new enough that it's not as cheap as I'd like it to be for now, plus he has a ton of cards for not even making it to the bigs yet!