Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 eBay purchase: triple trouble!

I still have some trades to show off, but I've wanted to get some eBay purchases out of their scan folder too, so that's what you're getting today!

At least four of my PC guys appear on several of the box-topper Ad Panels found in Topps' 2009 Heritage product.  I say "several" because I've never found a good checklist that appears to be comprehensive.  I think there's supposed to be three versions of each, but who knows?  Anyway, of those four guys, I still haven't found any of the versions that include Bobby Scales (I know of one for sure), but I did find three others, all from one seller:
The Hill is my second such card, with the other including Santos and Aaron Poreda (who was part of the Padres trade that sent Jake Peavy to the White Sox in 2009; also going back to San Diego in that deal:  Clayton Richard!).  The Putz and Richard cards are firsts, though I do have each guy's base card (along with the previously-mentioned Scales).  One interesting note here is that Powell appears on both Hill's and Richard's cards, however that worked out.

I do know I need to pick up at least one more Putz version which retains Freese and replaces Looper with Juan(?) Uribe.  I haven't found a second version of Clayton's card or a third for the others.  As seldom as the cards featuring my guys appear, I may not know for quite a while.

I'll be back with more stuff to show off soon*.

*"Soon" may end up being fewer than 24 hours or greater than two weeks, whatever I feel like.


  1. I'm hoping Clayton Richard will get a look at some point this year for the Pirates. Probably going to be a while though as he is shaking off two years worth of rust. The first couple rehab starts were not very pretty.

    1. So since your comment here the Cubs grabbed him and he had a nice 2015 debut with them, then a not-as-great long relief appearance. Either way it's great to see him back in the Majors, and your Pirates may regret losing him!