Sunday, January 8, 2012

First trade post and Michigan PC card of the new year

As you might have read on my sister blog Too Many Grandersons, I just completed my first trade of the year with Kevin of the Mojo Beard and was excited with a great return in that deal.  Besides the Lions, Tigers and Kaline bat, he included one other card I really wanted:
Straight off my Singles and Player Wantlists, it's a Chris Getz 2008 Bowman Sterling auto/RC.  I've wanted this one for a while because I have the Gold version of the card already, so this one pairs up nicely.  It also happens to be my fifth hit of the erstwhile White Sox 2B, plus my 71st Michigan PC hit so far.  Considering he's an ex-Wolverine and White Sox player, (as is Padres pitcher Clayton Richard) this is probably a card that fellow TMM writer Jeff would enjoy.

Again, thanks to Kevin for a great trade, and may it be the first of many more that effectively add to my burgeoning Michigan PCs!

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  1. That is nice, I liked Getz with the Sox. Didn't like it when they traded him. And that was before I realized he played for our Wolverines.