Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What’s this post for?

I've always been into Michigan football, for as long as I can remember.  But for most of my life, I followed their box score more than anything.  It's probably only been the last 6 or 7 years that I've gotten really into them and started watching all their games.  Of course, nowadays it's a lot easier to find the games on TV with the Big Ten network.  I've also started to make the trek up north to Ann Arbor at least once a year for a game.  This year, I made it to 3 games plus the fan appreciation day.  That'll be a rarity because 2 of those games weren't on my dime.  Now with the background out of the way, to what this post is all about.
When I first got into Michigan, I was actually watching the Fab 5.  I watched a lot more basketball back then and even though I followed Michigan before the fab 5, it was that team that got me to actually watching games.  Now I find myself watching basketball again.  With the maturing of this team, I've been watching their games when I can. They aren't as regularly available as the football, but you can watch more than you used to. They have been fun to watch this year.. 
BurkeWith freshman Trey Burke taking over Darius Morris’ spot from last year, it was debated on how good we were going to be with a freshman point guard.  But Burke has been exceptional and I actually like the team better behind him.  Even with Tim Hardaway Jr. struggling, this team has been good.  A 13-3 (3-1 Big Ten) record is only good enough for 3rd place right now in the stacked Big Ten Conference but a #13 rank in the nation.  But better than that, this team is fun to watch.  They play with heart and those are the teams that you love to root for.  I’m enjoying watching basketball again.  And that hasn’t happened in a very long time.
Does this post have anything to do with cards?  Well, yes, sort of.  What I’m realizing as I’m getting back into Michigan basketball, is that I don’t have very many Michigan basketball autographs.  And I have hardly anything that’s recent.  I’ve picked up a couple here and there, but being as I just don’t buy basketball cards, I only have 2.
                                    traylor98sageA44            ebay02_thumb3
These are the only 2 I have.  A Robert “Tractor” Traylor auto who was a dominant big man.  He was still playing basketball in Puerto Rico this past spring when he passed away of a heart attack.  Also, a Ray Jackson auto who was a part of the Fab 5.

What this post is really about, is that I need to get into the other sports of Michigan.  I do need some good basketball autos, but I also need some good baseball autos.  Part of the problem I have, is my collection is only Michigan uniforms.  And they don’t print a whole lot of other sports in Michigan uniforms.  Or at least sets that feature autos.  I’ll have to look to see if they really even do.  Until I started trading with Dennis, I didn’t realize who all had even played for us.  Be sure to check out his collection of autos of former Wolverines.  Link’s on the right side of this page.  It’s a very impressive collection.
I’m going to have to go on the hunt for some baseball autos in Michigan uniforms, if there are any.  I wonder if this guy has an auto I’d like.  Now that would be a great auto.
Congrats to Barry Larkin for being voted into the Hall of Fame.  Most definitely deserves it.  I know most Wolverine fans are ecstatic about this.  Probably some Reds fans as well.  Probably.
So we look forward to his induction on July 22nd.

So I guess this post is basically to announce I need to do a lot better on my Wolverines collections.  Especially the autos (and relics.)
I wonder what other Michigan sports I could find autos for.  Hmmm!
Oh yeah!  That would be pretty sweet!


  1. Nice post, and there's actually a half decent selection of Wolverines baseball autos in their college unis, mostly thanks to Donruss Elite Extra Edition. I'll work with you on those, and that would actually make a great topic for the blog!

  2. Great post. Next time Dennis and I hit up the card show we'll keep our eyes out.