Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Disregard sleep; acquire BCS wins

Wow, what a crazy game.  Both teams played what might qualify as their worst game of the season.  Sloppy mistakes and ridiculously bad play-calling were the stories of the night, but somehow Michigan righted the ship to make it to overtime and kick a game-winning field goal, made by a guy who probably nobody would have shed a tear over if he had walked off campus last year.

Congrats to the Hokies on a hard-fought game, especially in bottling up a potentially explosive Michigan offense.  I know Adam and I aren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye on VT's overturned TD "catch" in OT, but you won't find a single person in maize and blue who didn't agree with the replay officials.  In a game featuring some controversial calls, non-calls (Tech got away with a monster pass interference in the 4th quarter alone) and replays (hell, what game doesn't?) that was a huge moment, but so was Frank Beamer's constantly ridiculous risks, like a late fake punt.  It all led to an important win for the Victors Valiant:

A bowl win for the first time since January of 2008

11 wins for the first season since 2006

The start of a new era in Michigan Wolverines football

Michigan.  Is.  Back.

Hoke über alles.  Thanks for a tremendous first season, coach--here's to many more.


  1. I listened to the end on the radio as I drove to work. Congrats Michigan!

  2. I honestly don't know how they pulled this one out. They outgained us 2-1, out-first downed 22-10 and won Time of Possession 37-23. Turnovers were 2-1, but I guess the 3 biggest factors of the game were:
    1 and 2) the 2 4th down stops, one of which was basically a gift from a strange fake punt. Both of them completely changed the momentum of the game.
    3) the missed field goal in OT

    Go Blue!

  3. Thanks, guys. A crazy game for both teams but I don't care how we got there--we did.