Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 trade package #7: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

Welcome to those of you excited to check out the rest of the goods from my 45th (I think that number's right this time) trade package from cool Canadian Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store!  Oddly enough (or not at all, statistically speaking), the last time I posted cards from a trade, it was from that same happy hoser.  Well I'm glad to report that he was back at it in June, hitting the three major sports--all my baseball stuff goes on TMV--that I like to show off here.  Let's have a look, shall we?
Basketball base:  I kind of hoped Crawford would jump at a chance to join the superteam Warriors, but we'll see how things go for him in Minnesota.  Meanwhile, GRIII and Sauce Castillo appear on a very Pacific-like design from 2014-15 Panini Court Kings.

The trippy design of this 2014-15 Hoops Rise and Shine Memorabilia jersey is very apropos of former big man Mitch McGary, a guy who was more Mary Jane than Michael Jordan.  The solid blue swatch is my fifth hit of a guy I hope (but doubt) will make it back into the league.

I definitely enjoyed Doug's posts covering busting a box of 1989 Panini stickers (start here), and I even got to benefit personally by getting this pair.  AC is quite well known, but Harden is surely more obscure to younger readers as a DB for the Broncos and Raiders in the 80s.
I could be wrong but I think this may be my first full-on Michigan uni card for a player in the 2017 class.  SAGE killed it here with a great photo of Darboh on a pretty good design that looks nothing like what they've put out lately.

I do have to ding them quite a bit here, though.  Although I'm thrilled to get my first autograph of the inspiring and talented WR from Sierra Leone, I'm quite displeased that they really butchered his name here.  "Dobrah"?  Well, there'll be other signature cards, and I'm happy to already have a collection started.

Speaking of autographs and Michigan unis, I was also excited to land this shiny Leaf Metal signature of Devin Gardner (hit #8, autograph #5).  I'm pretty sure I had it on my COMC watch list for a while, and I was actually under the impression I already had it when I pulled it out of the mailer, so it was doubly a pleasant surprise!  I'll take any and all cards you've got of the big dude that's currently living large in Japan.
The hockey content--the largest contingent as is often the case--starts with a trio of hockey Mike Mike Cammalleri, including one with a cameo of former Red Wing D Kyle Quincey.  The present meets the not-so-present with Cogliano on a fun looking OPC offering and former Hobey should-have-won Hensick on a fantastically designed UD base.  The scan finishes with a guy the talent to be the best of the bunch, Wolverwing Dylan Larkin on a UD insert that really brings to mind Fleer Ultra chase cards (anyone else?).

Here's a very talented duo to close out the base/inserts.  Max appears on a UD Canvas card just in time for Ann Arbor's annual Art Fair, a huge event for the city that I enjoy every summer.  His other appearance comes courtesy of the super high-end Ultimate Collection, in this case the 2014-15 version (#d 057/299).  Joining him is Jets D Jacob Trouba, who we'll see again shortly...

...as in now!  One of my pair of hockey hits was this UD Artifacts jersey, featuring a nice swatch of Jets blue.  Man, seeing this much Upper Deck stuff makes me resent the Topps baseball monopoly even more!  What I do appreciate though, is that this is my seventh Trouba hit, and I believe Doug is responsible for ::searches blog for "Jacob Trouba":: yep, all of them!
He's also the one who sent me my only other hit of this guy, so I give Doug 100% credit for my two-card Travis Turnbull hit collection.  When did he send me the last one?  Try four years ago, way back in package #14!  The one he originally sent was quite nice, a dual jersey/auto, but this 2012-13 Dominion RC ups the ante big time with a huge Buffalo Sabres patch to go with his signature.  That's quite a pair!

Hey, wait, the hockey content is done, but there's still something left to show off?  Huh, that's weird, we covered the three major sports so what could it b--

Image result for bah gawd jim ross
Also way back in 2013, Doug sent me an autograph of former Michigan wrestler (as in "real" wrestling, not "sports entertainment" wrestling) Scott Steiner.  Don't ask me why I never thought to add a signature of his brother Rick, like this one from 2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling, to my Michigan Other Sports, Etc. collection, I just never did.  Here's the image I used in that old post for more Wolverine wrestling goodness:
What a cool way to end another outstanding SCFtDS package!

Thanks again, Doug, and now that I've finally posted this loot maybe I'll get around to reloading for our next trade!

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