Sunday, July 2, 2017

6/3/2017 card show report: a few that were Blue (and Maize)

Besides the baseball stuff I posted from last month's show over on TMV this evening, I scored some pigskin pickups as well, some of which include some Michigan uniform action.  Let's get down to it:
Former QB Todd Collins was interesting enough to make the cut for Upper Deck's (for-the-time) high-end, one-card-per-pack debut of SPx in 1996.  Just like the baseball version, these were die-cut cards featuring holograms, and were definitely super premium in their heyday.  RB Tyrone Wheatley also represents the Wolverines in the 50-card set.
Bray-Bray here represents the first of three straight inserts.  This Finest Moments card came out of 2008 Finest, and that set came with something like seven different Refractor parallels, plus autographed versions, Superfractors, and Plates!  The 50-card set includes 2008 draftees Mike Hart, Chad Henne, Jake Long, and Mario Manningham, plus GOAT QB Tom Brady.  This "base" version of Edwards notes his eight catch/146 yards/2 TD performance as Cleveland beat the Bengals 51-45 10 years ago.  He'd finish the 2007 season with a career-high 16 TDs, then never approach double digits again.
Now there's a Michigan uni card!  Panini has often done well with their college-themed sets, and I love the variety of recent and old-school players that can be found in the often-used School Colors insert.  Funch wore those colors proudly, including the away jersey seen here.
No, Brian Griese didn't live up to the mantle of legendary QB John Elway's heir apparent, but even when this Donruss Elite Back to the Future insert (#729/800) was released in 2002, his future included six more NFL seasons, followed by a steady gig broadcasting college games for ESPN.  Back to the Future is another one of those long-lived insert names that gives me happy memories of collecting in the 90s and 2000s.
And now we hit our second of three college uni cards, and it happens to be the first of two PC guys as well.  Like many of my favorite draftees from that year, Mike Hart made a couple appearances in Upper Deck's 2008 Draft Edition base set.  That's where this one belongs even if the design, especially the foil, makes it look more like an insert.  McFadden was obviously the more successful of the pair, but I'm glad that Hart appears to have transitioned well to coaching.
Defensive guys don't appear on nearly enough cardboard so you have to grab them when you can.  Case in point:  a pair of 2009 base cards of Super Bowl XLIII (which was played the previous year) champion LaMarr Woodley.  In case you don't recognize them, these come from the Bowman Chrome and Topps Platinum products released that year.
Michigan uni card #3?  Check.  PC player card #2?  Check.  Uniform #2?  Check--hey, that's Charles Woodson!  Ol' Chuck has made a nice number of base set appearances the last few years, especially thanks to Panini, who's included him in products such as Contenders and this one:  2016 Prizm Draft Picks.  They combine older college photos with newer designs (and sometimes parallels and inserts!) and that's just fine by me since I can't ever get enough of a player like Woodson.

With this show stuff out of the way, will I finally get around to writing up some trade package posts?  Stay tuned!

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