Sunday, June 4, 2017

2017 eBay purchase: "Leatherhead"? Was your first choice "Taserface"?

If you headed here from this afternoon's TMV post then you just saw a new card I grabbed on eBay for my #1 PC guy in terms of baseball hits.  Here we'll be doing the same thing except we'll substitute football for the sport.

I reached the century mark for hits of Chad Henne back in February, and now I'm back to add to that total with this guy:
Chad Henne 2008 SP Authentic Rookie Leatherheads Autographs leather helmet auto (#059/150)
I grabbed this card for a bit over $6 shipped mainly because I like Henne autographs, but the shoot-worn leather helmet piece is kind of a fun bonus.  When you consider a lot of relics these days are "event-worn" it doesn't matter a whole lot what they are, so why not an old-school leather football helmet?

This marks my 102nd hit of the former Wolverines QB in my football PC and I believe the 59th that includes at least an autograph.

This seller was cool enough to throw in some freebies for three of my football player collections:
Besides Henne, he included base and inserts of Hart and Manningham.  I may have to pull a GCRL (now Cards As I See Them, of course) and rename this here blog to "Hart, Henne, Manningham, Woodson"!  Freebies are always nice, but landing this many, of players I love to collect, all in Michigan uniform?  A++++++ and some very positive feedback left, sir.

Stay tuned because I have LOTS more to show off, including some pretty rare eBay pickups, a new COMC haul, and more!

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