Thursday, June 1, 2017

5-6-2017 show report: in circulation

My monthly card show discount box diving proved to be reasonably fruitful for my Michigan PCs once again in May, this time with a heavy emphasis on football along with one hockey entry:
Most of this bunch is heading to my Michigan Football inserts collection.  Bray-Bray starts us off with an Upper Deck Rookie Prospects insert from his rookie season of 2005, plus a 2008 Donruss Elite Prime Targets Gold (#171/800) parallel.  I actually have the jersey version of that card as well!

Continuing the insert trend is a pair of rookie card parallels of longtime QB Brian Griese.  The first is the "50-Point" version of his '98 Collector's Edge Masters first-year (#0103/3000), a numbered, thicker version of the base set.  The other is a bit more recognizable, I think, a Bronze parallel of his Topps Stars RC from the same year.  Confusingly, these have the same print run, 8799 (this one's #4489), as the base cards, with the latter featuring red foil instead.

I landed an insert of each of my blogs' namesakes this time, and a 2008 Upper Deck insert called Potential Unlimited was my representative for "Super" Mario Manningham.  A number of UD base and insert designs from that year kind of run together so I was thinking I already had it but was proven incorrect when I got home, to my delight.

Between the bunch of Griffeys found in tonight's TMV post and the pair of football Giants here you might think you were reading Sport Card Collectors instead;  You'd be wrong, but I'd be in good company!  My other Giants entry is this foily insert of WR Amani Toomer called "Strike Force" out of 2000 Upper Deck.

That's three receivers and a QB, so how about we switch things up to the defensive side of the ball?  I was glad to find two more cards of another PC guy, Charles Woodson.  The first hails from his rookie year of 1998 and Upper Deck's UD3 product.  Chuck appears in this set three different times, and this card, #4, is not the one considered his RC, though I do own the one that is, #184.  Speaking of RCs, the other card I found of him is 2012 Score insert called RC Flashbacks.  I instantly recognized the design of his '98 Score rookie but did notice the different photo and was eventually able to put things together.
My last football entry needed to be scanned separately because I think we all know that uncirculated cards, as fun as they can be, are sometimes annoying to get just right.  This one, a 2008 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor of Brian Griese, came out reasonably well, though.  I had no problem throwing down something like a quarter for what I think is the sixth uncirculated-type card in my insert collection.
Lastly, I was thrilled to find a beautiful Upper Deck base card of former Wolverine Dylan Larkin from the 2016-17 set.  The 2014 first-rounder wasn't as effective this past season, putting up 17 goals and 15 assists, down from 23 and 22 the year before, but he won't even be 21 until the end of July, so there's plenty of time for his huge potential to pay off.  I don't have many cards of his right now--other than what Doug's sent my way--and would love to land more (including a hit if possible), so turning up a gem like this is a big coup for me right now.

With another show just a couple days away, stay tuned for more pickups soon--maybe even within a few days of when I get them instead of a month this time!

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  1. This post motivated me to pull together the stuff that I've been wanting to send you. Now, for that pesky "getting it into the mail" part...