Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017 eBay purchases: high-end Hennes (or HEH)

For any of you that headed over here from TMV this evening, consider this post a nice small desert after that heavy five-course meal of high-end cardboard.  You got to see five cards of some of my favorite Michigan Baseball PC guys, and now I have three more of a favorite football PC that came from a pair of January eBay purchases, Chad Henne:

Chad Henne 2008 SAGE HIT Autographs auto
I said yesterday that SAGE doesn't make their cards like they used to, and while that's a shame, I'll always have favorites like the 2008 product.  This is a design that's easy for me to like thanks to the fun college action photos, big swatch of blue (on the base versions), and notable stats up front.  I'm also fine with the stickers they used in this case since the autograph is easy to see on them.

My only other Henne from this product is the Gold version (#d /250) so I'm hoping to find the others eventually in order to show off a very nice rainbow.

Chad Henne 2008 Select Autographs Red Zone auto (#18/25)
Coming along for the ride with the SAGE card above for about $6.50 delivered was this blazing hot autograph from 2008 Select.  I was under the impression that I didn't have it until I went to put it in my Henne folder and found that I own #05/25.  Oh well, it was cheap and I can either flip it to another Michigan/Henne collector or just hold onto it for another 4% of the print run.

Chad Henne 2011 Prime Signatures Autographs Printing Plates Magenta auto (1/1)
And last up is the biggie.  I generally try to pay $15 or under for 1/1s with few exceptions, but I'll happily up that a bit if an autograph is thrown into the mix, and that's exactly what we have here.  Just my second 1/1 of the Jacksonville backup QB, this has to be my highest-end solo Henne card, and I had no problem spending $18 on it a few weeks ago.  This one's fun because, besides the signature, it's one of those unorthodox plates that's affixed to a very thick card, in what's probably an attempt to prevent pack-searching.

Despite today's haul being just two cards instead of three because of my mistake, I still have a very special Henne collection milestone to celebrate:  100 hits!  He's just the second player in my entire Michigan sports collection to reach that mark (of course Rich Hill was first).  In case you're interested, those break down into:

  • 36 relics (including multiples)
  • 32 autographs (just signatures)
  • 12 autographed relics
  • 5 patches (including manupatches)
  • 14 autographed patches/manupatches
  • 2 plates/1-of-1s
That's 101 hits, or almost half of the 205 I have in his collection to-date!  (I can math!)

Stay tuned for more trade package goodness soon.


  1. I always get excited when I see some of the low numbered Score WVU guys. You would have thought I got a Cutch 1/1 when I found two Brandon Myles cards numbered low.

    1. I hear you since a lot of the Wolverine NFLers I collect don't get a ton of cards, plus some guys think "low-numbered" means you should price them like 1/1s.