Friday, January 6, 2017

2016 trade package #17: Fuji wishes me a Mario Christmas and a happy Blue year

If you caught my post on TMV this evening, you know that Mark from the Chronicles of Fuji went all Hitsville, USA on me with another amazingly generous package to end 2016.  That theme wasn't limited to just the Tigers, though, as he put a nice "super" star atop the tree that was this latest envelope, including a card for one of my favorite player collections--the guy whose name happens to grace this here blog:
Super Mario!  Mark sent me what will become my 113th card of Manningham in the form of this color-appropriate Throwback Threads jersey relic from 2014 Elite.  The bold blue Giants jersey swatch pairs beautifully with the other instances of that color on the design and in the photo.  I also like the added bonus of serial numbering, and this card is stamped 119/199 up front.  Definitely an elite addition for one of my favorite Michigan WRs of all time.  This bumps him up to a ridiculous 62 hits, by the way, keeping him at fifth place in my football collection.

Don't think that I'm shocked that Fuji was thoughtful enough to send this my way, though--he previously gifted me cards of Manningham in several past trades:  November, 2015; April of last year; then another in September.

Thanks again for being a super trader in 2016, Mark, and here's to doing it all over again in 2017!

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