Sunday, November 22, 2015

2015 trade package #25: Michigan Man Mark

If there's been only one benefit of joining the card-collecting blogging world a few years ago--and trust me, there's been many--it's getting to know amazing writers/traders like Mark from the Chronicles of Fuji.  Fuji comprises a quarter of what would be my Mount Rushmore of bloggers (which might make for a fun future post!), and he never fails to send great cards my way, especially unannounced.

I showed off some really nice stuff from him over on TMV this evening, and better yet he included some Wolverines to make for a two-part trade post!  Here are the Michigan cards he sent:
I don't know if he had these set aside for a bit or not, but Fuji's timing of sending these Michigan Football RCs couldn't have been better now that they're an ongoing project of mine.  The top two are of former go-to WR Jeremy Gallon, and that pair actually represents 100% of his RCs, so there's one player to check off.  I loves me some Upper Deck college photos, and these hail from 2014 SP Authentic and UD.  The other guy is Titans LT Taylor Lewan, and while he has a few more to chase than Gallon does, they're still helpful.  Those are 2014 Finest and SP Authentic rookies.

Oh yeah, one other interesting card slipped out of the bunch:
Yessir, a 2008 Press Pass autograph of the inspiration for the title of the blog you're reading, Mr. Mario Manningham!  On-card signature plus Michigan uni equals so much win!  Manningham may not be playing these days, but his spiritual successor and fellow #86 jersey-wearer Jehu Chesson has lived up to the legacy of Super Mario in many ways this year, including some key play's in Saturday's victory over Penn State.

Thanks again for such a generous package of cards, Mark, and whether or not you can scrape up more trade bait, expect to see some cards headed your way before the year is up!


  1. I still try to scope out some of the parallels of Press Pass WVU cards. Great stuff!

    1. Yes sir, Press Pass made some outstanding college cards, and they're generally cheap too! I bet the WVU cards look great too.