Saturday, November 28, 2015

2015 Michigan gameday #12: vs. Ohio State

Before the season started, if you would have told me that Michigan would be headed into The Game with a 9-2 record I wouldn't have believed you.  Despite the optimism that Jim Harbaugh brought, it felt like it would be asking too much to hope for a turnaround of this magnitude after years of losing and wasted talent.

And yet, not only are the Wolverines sitting pretty with a sparkling record, but they even have an outside shot at making it to the Big Ten Championship Game.  Sure, it would take a win over an extremely difficult Ohio State squad plus a Michigan State loss to not-as-good-as-their-record-implies Penn State, but who even thought Michigan would have this chance, either before the season started, after the week one loss to Utah, or especially after the crushing last-second Michigan State loss?

So Michigan's playing with house money, but with a greater purpose than they could have imagined back in September, and with a never quite attitude that comes straight from the man at the top.  Can the Wolverines deliver Ohio State's second consecutive loss after their lackluster performance against the Spartans last week?  This promises to be a great game that lives up to the reputation of the best rivalry in college football, and win or lose, I love that Michigan is already here.


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