Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016 COMC purchases: serial-numbered WINserts

Michigan's win over Penn State this past Saturday was such a thumping I wish I had an Alan Branch card to show off so I'd have an excuse to post my favorite image.  Aw, hell, who needs a card to justify it?  BOOM
Let's celebrate by posting some more of my COMC pickups; just two posts left after this one!

Today I'm featuring eight serial-numbered football inserts:
Jamar Adams 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Gold Holofoil X's (#033/100)
Here's a numbered parallel of former DB Jamar Adams' '08 Gridiron Gear RC.  As with a Henne I recently posted, this set has both an "X" and "O" version, both numbered to 100.
Elvis Grbac 1998 Black Diamond Rookies Triple (#0143/1500)
Ah yes, one of my favorite late 90s sets for parallels--I really liked how UD split these up into different colors and numbering:  Doubles were red and numbered to 3000 while Quadruples were green and limited to 150.  Grbac is pictured here in his first of four seasons with the Chiefs, and in '97 he had gone 8-2 with a loss in the playoffs.
Brian Griese 2001 Donruss Elite Primary Colors (#305/975)
One good 90s Michigan QB deserves another!  Griese's color commentary skills may leave a bit to be desired, but he was a very good college starter that enjoyed a solid pro career.  Here he is on a nice shiny insert from 2001 Donruss.  The Primary Colors insert included Blue and Yellow versions as well as a die-cut parallel of those three variations.
Mike Hart 2008 Stadium Club Premiere Edition (#19/50)
Hey hey, a new card for my Mike Hart PC!  Card #105 is this 2008 Stadium Club parallel that's a nice throwback to the product's stamped inserts from the 90s.  Better yet, these are actually numbered, with these Premiere Edition cards limited to just 50.  Ah, it really takes me back to the days when Topps meant fun designs instead of repetitive crap and ignored redemptions.
Taylor Lewan 2014 Topps Valor Valor (#59/99)
Count me among the folks that don't get Topps' Valor product.  I snagged this card because it was a cheap numbered insert of one of my guys, but the theme is just kinda confusing.  Speaking of Lewan-related things that make no sense to me, while I get former Buckeye and not-awful TV guy Kirk Herbstreit criticizing the Titans OT for a costly penalty, posting "You're an absolute fraud bro!!" on Twitter lowers my opinion of him to that of people who post comments on Youtube, which is currently the following:
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David Terrell 2001 Quantum Leaf Rookie Revolution (#3189/4000)
Anthony Thomas 2001 Quantum Leaf Rookie Revolution (#1575/4000)
I always enjoy posting cards of these guys together, as is tradition.  
It's a great day for Michigan, and therefore the world!  Quantum Leaf was an interesting Donruss product that was produced only in 2000 and 2001, and these inserts actually aren't representative of the set as they look more like some of Donruss' other insert offerings, with the bonus of college uniforms.
LaMarr Woodley 2007 Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity Ruby (#021/199)
Nope, no Alan Branch today, but I do have a fun card of another beastly defensive star in Woodley.  This here is a Ruby parallel out of 2007's Rookies and Stars Longevity product, which itself is kind of a parallel to the base Rookies and Stars set.  I don't get it either.  Anyway, the combination that results from the parallel color and the Steelers' black and yellow unis is pretty cool in my opinion.  Plus this is our fourth parallel of a RC today, so we got that going for us too.

Just two COMC posts left, one football and one baseball, plus I still have a couple cool eBay pickups I'm pretty excited about!

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