Saturday, September 24, 2016

2016 Michigan gameday #4: vs. Penn State

No logo for today's opponent--Penn State is a program without shame, one that continues to show no remorse for one of the most tragic and embarrassing chapters in college football history.  Its continued denial of the truth and reverence of a man (who was just a man) who ignored multiple violations of children are disgusting, and they prove that, if any program ever deserved the death penalty, it's the one from Happy Valley.  May those that blindly support Joe Paterno and continue to hurl abuse at the victims of Jerry Sandusky one day see the light.
Aside from those harsh realities--college football is one of those things that kind of let you escape reality in a way--Penn State heads to Ann Arbor for a 3:30 matchup against the 3-0 Wolverines.  I hope Harbaugh's squad puts a major beatdown on the Nittany Lions in response to comments made by their delusional fans about Jim's coaching ability, Penn State's "superiority", and the usual clock conspiracy theories.  In short, the image I hope to see when the clock says 00:00 is Penn State lying on the ground, defeated like Anthony Morelli, as Michigan, in Alan Branch's role, walks away in victory.  Beat Penn State.


  1. Let me be the first to say that the Big Kahuna does not guzzle down the PSU kool aide! Secondly, it brought me tears of joy to see PSU lose today. Thirdly, too many people around here are too hush hush any more on the matter and just want to sweep it under the carpet like nothing happened. Sorry, but people need to wake the hell up and admit there was some things that should've never happened in the first place and it was "hushed" to keep revenue flowing into PSU.

    1. Yep, just a sad situation all around. If nothing else, it was nice to see PSU get stomped!