Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 COMC purchases: how about Henne?

Fresh off an exciting weekend of college football, let's get back to some  COMC cards!

Today's subject is one of Michigan's more successful QBs, especially in terms of counting stats.  Of course, that hasn't really translated to the NFL for journeyman backup Chad Henne of the Jaguars.  Still, I'm always glad when it's clear he alone hasn't been the issue when running Jacksonville's offense as supposed heir apparent Blake Bortles has been pretty underwhelming after two weeks.  What's the harm in giving Henne a shot?

Anyway, here's a nine-spot of new Hennes for this late summer Ann Arbor evening.

First up is a group of six inserts and one base card, all of the serial-numbered variety:

Chad Henne 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition Bronze (#103/175)
Chad Henne 2010 Panini Gridiron Gear Silver X's (#066/250)

Chad Henne 2010 Panini Plates and Patches City Limits (#077/299)
Chad Henne 2010 Topps Gold (#0149/2010)

Chad Henne 2010 Topps Triple Threads (#0660/1350)
Chad Henne 2010 Topps Triple Threads Sepia (#301/499)
Chad Henne 2011 Prestige Xtra Points Red (#067/100)
I've talked about my enjoyment of the '08 UD Draft set, and that parallel is actually the lone Michigan uni card in today's post.  Panini produced Silver, Gold, and Platinum versions of both "X's" and "O's" inserts in 2010, with each letter getting the same numbering per parallel.  The City Limits card out of Plates and patches is the only non-parallel insert of this group.  The comfortingly familiar Topps Gold makes another appearance here out of the 2010 set.  From the same year I grabbed Henne's base and Sepia parallels from the higher-end Triple Threads product.  And finally, I scored a Red Xtra Points parallel, with its pretty nifty looks, out of 2011 Prestige.  Not a bad bunch!

I also have a pair of hits to show off separately from the rest of my football PC additions you'll see in a future post:

Chad Henne 2008 SPx Rookie Materials AFC/NFC Triple 50 triple jersey (#11/50)

Chad Henne 2008 SPx Rookie Materials NFL Letters Dual 199 dual jersey (#038/199)
As I think most people know, there's lots and lots of different versions of these Rookie Materials cards from 2008 SPx when taking into account the lettering/symbols plus number and types of relics, and finally the serial numbering!  Both of these are plain white relics, but at least each has multiple swatches.  That and I don't believe either ended up costing me much more than a buck.

Besides bumping my Henne PC total to 188 (almost another milestone!), I did manage to reach past another somewhat interesting mark, cresting the 90-hit count for a new total of 91, easily thwarting all pretenders to the football collection throne.  Only baseball's Rich Hill is more represented in my overall sports hits collection with 124 as of this post.  Given the sheer number of Michigan Football players I chase in these collections it's fun to have a focus on a single player sometimes, and Henne has just kinda naturally taken up that number one spot.

Stay tuned for some more COMC cards and a pair of very interesting eBay buys!

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