Saturday, September 17, 2016

2016 Michigan gameday #3: vs. Colorado

The Wolverines will put their sterling 2-0 record on the line this afternoon in their final non-conference matchup with the Buffaloes of Colorado.  Colorado has the same record, having defeated...well, nobody, really.  Meanwhile, Michigan was perfect the last two weeks against...uh...well nobody either, as it turns out.  This game should at least be somewhat interesting in that it'll be the toughest test for both teams to-date.

Another large point spread in favor of Michigan belies the fact that this could actually be a decent game, though it's still one that Michigan should be able to handle in the end despite some injuries whose severity are pretty much unknown; would those guys be playing if we were in the conference portion of the schedule?

Some fans worried about Michigan's performance in an as-expected victory over Central Florida last week, but coach Jim Harbaugh's confidence and the usual caveats about hiding most of the playbook until playing conference foes makes me think things are just fine until I'm convinced otherwise.  This may not be a shutout for Michigan, but I really don't see the close game a few people seem to be fearing.  Look for the Wolverines to continue looking ship shape with some momentum going into the matchup with Penn State next weekend.

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